This video is an update on the Camera Flash Unit and Tesla Tuned Coil Circuit that can be found in any 35mm "chuck away" camera. Showing the circuitry in detail, the flash unit being charged and what happens when you touch the contacts of the capacitor! I didn't edit the video very well I left in quite a lot of spaces of inactivity and "fumblings" which probably would have been better on the cutting room floor? So in that respect the video is quite long, however the message is clear and the music is good! So enjoy the experience anyway... This video is dedicated to my friend Sam as we could all use a little inspiration sometimes :) MUSIC:- Nara by ES Posthumus THANKS FOR WATCHING!
  • 26 Mar 2009
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I wanted to take a look inside a "chucka" (chuck-away) camera to see how the flash worked. To my amasement I found a 1.5v standard AAA battery, a transistor, two small transformers/inductors and a capacitor. I wondered how a small 1.5v battery could be "stepped up" to the extent that it could power a flash unit, heat up and even give a reasonable electric shock if you touch the contacts!? I also wondered why there is a whining noise when the flash unit is switched on? Further investigation revealed the electronic components configured in a simple operational amplifier and Tesla Tuned Coil circuit... The circuit "whines" when the flash is switched on because the resonating coils in the Tesla Tuned Coil circuit are finding their optimum operating frequency. When the circuit is "tuned" the stepped up voltage is suffucient to power the flash unit. Incredible technology and incredibly simple! I am wondering what else this technology could be used for? MUSIC: Smoothie Song by Nickel Creek THANKS FOR WATCHING!
  • 6 Oct 2012
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This video is for anyone who is interested in alkaline batteries; how they work, why they leak and how to recharge them safely. Keep in mind a battery is only as good as it's manufacturer. The extent to which you can recharge alkaline batteries depends on the integrity of the battery being charged. This is the same video as "Recharge Your Batteries" with different background music and a longer explanation... Thanks for Watching!
  • 25 Apr 2008
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I was trying out my new camera, this is my first attempt at movie making using Windows Movie Maker! I was laughing a lot by the time I finished! Pretty silly...it's for the kids really...watch closely for the surprise ...oh yeah and HAPPY HALLOWEEN :) October 2007
  • 24 Sep 2009
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Don't throw your Alkaline Batteries away, recharge them... James Bond Style !
  • 18 Nov 2007
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November 05, 2007. I was wandering around my local town looking for something good to eat...it just happened that the town folk were holding a carnival and fireworks to celebrate November 5th so I took a few shots to join in the celebrations....surprising how many people turned up and braved the cold...great dancers too :) Music by Lee Cabrera "Shake It (Move A Little Closer)" THANKS FOR WATCHING!
  • 13 Nov 2007
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