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    Diamond Dallas Page Helps Arthur Boorman with DDP Yoga- Good Mor 02:30

    Diamond Dallas Page Helps Arthur Boorman with DDP Yoga- Good Mor

    by MediaProductionsTV (5/19/12) 188 views WWE and WCW Superstar Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) created DDP Yoga which is a blend of yoga and workout for the entire body. His product was tried by Former Veteran Arthur Boorman who was overweight and could not walk without a crutch. The story made national headlines and was featured on Good Morning America. Boorman managed to lose over 120 pounds and regained his mobility, no longer requiring a cane or walk aid to get around. DDP is extremely proud of Boorman and his accomplishments. Today, Boorman continues the program and even teaches it. Yoga helped Page continue his life inside the squared circle, after he sustained severe injuries to his back and neck.

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    Rose Casting - Teaching Stars to Shine 01:07

    Rose Casting - Teaching Stars to Shine

    by MediaProductionsTV (5/9/12) 54 views Rose Casting will take you to a whole new level as an actor and entertainer by honing your skills as an actor or actress and help you audition like a pro. Rose Casting also casts its students in commercials, television and movie roles.

 Shannon Rose has over 20 years experience as a Professional Actor and has cast for major companies like HSN (Home Shopping Network), Publix and full length movie productions. Shannon starred as one of three Pro Wrestling Announcers in the acclaimed video game release by EA Sports "EA Sports MMA". He's appeared in full length feature movies including HBO'S "From Earth to the Moon" and other roles in top featured films like "Irish Italian Blood" and "Never Back Down".

He's appeared in numerous commercials for top companies like Publix, Sweet Bay Supermarkets, Tires Plus, Coleman, Gasparilla Film Festival and Wireless Toyz just to name a few. In addition to acting he's also been featured on various voice over roles including: C&M Electric, Golden Bear in Largo, Gulf Coast Water Proofing, Money Back Reality, and Hurricane Expo.

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    Stuart Vener - What is Tax Liability on a Property

    Stuart Vener - What is Tax Liability on a Property

    by MediaProductionsTV (4/18/12) 1 views Stuart Vener, President of Wilshire Holding Group discusses what tax liabilities are when you own property. He also discusses what phantom tax liabilities are, and how they will impact your taxes the following year. Will you get money back from the Government?

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    Noel Flasterstein - In Session on TruTV 4/5/12 23:26

    Noel Flasterstein - In Session on TruTV 4/5/12

    by MediaProductionsTV (4/11/12) 69 views

    Noel Flasterstein Noel Flasterstein a Gun Rights Activist and NRA Referral Attorney sits down on In Session seen nationwide on TruTV to debate the topic: Should Kids be Allowed to Have Guns. In this discussion they talk about staggering numbers of deaths of children resulted from gun use, what age is appropriate for children to own guns and more.

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    History Channel 2 – 10 Things You Don’t Know About Pablo Escoba 01:15

    History Channel 2 – 10 Things You Don’t Know About Pablo Escoba

    by MediaProductionsTV (4/6/12) 115 views

    Robert Mazur Back in January, while out in LA on the movie development deal, The History Channel asked me to submit to an interview about my book.  They used part of that interview in a segment of their new show, “Ten Things You Didn’t Know”.  This episode of the show, which will air several times during April and May, addresses things you didn’t know about Pablo Escobar.  Here’s an excerpt from the show.

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    Paul Antinori Constitutional Law Address on the Issue of Obamaca 26:56

    Paul Antinori Constitutional Law Address on the Issue of Obamaca

    by MediaProductionsTV (4/3/12) 4 views

    Paul Antinori Over the course of many years the federal government has usurped many powers the Constitution reserves to the States. Federal regulatory and spending excess has created economic calamity for the country and loss of personal freedoms. A tarnished Constitution caused by insidious judicial activism has enabled the mischief of expanded government power. Paul Antinori is calling for a Constitutional Convention to amend 4 key clauses, which will revert the power of the Federal Government back to the states; reviving the principle of Federalism back to America.

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    Stuart Vener - What Are HOA and Condo Fees

    Stuart Vener - What Are HOA and Condo Fees

    by MediaProductionsTV (3/29/12) 1 views 

Stuart Vener of Wilshire Holding Group talks about HOA and Condo fees by explaining what they are and can you avoid paying them. These are a personal liability that can impact anyone's wallet, so it's good to know if fees like this are charged.

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    Learn How to Win Millions on TLC 06:57

    Learn How to Win Millions on TLC

    by MediaProductionsTV (2/28/12) 26 views

    "Theslotguru" Earnest Cobb takes you on an exclusive journey through his life on TLC; showing you his strategic methods that helped him win 10.3 million dollars playing the slots from 2005. He shows you step by step the methods outlined in his book "Secrets to Hitting More Jackpots" and proves they work as he hit a jackpot on the TLC episode. I am a professional slot machine player my fellow gamers. We want to have fun but WE DO TAKE SLOT PLAYING VERY SERIOUS!!! (I think slot playing should be made a sport or even better an Olympic Game) (Seriously) (NO SERIOUSLY I DO) (That's my Love for slots and My Passion). What makes a professional a professional? HINT: Love/Passion IS WHAT MAKES A PROFESSIONAL ANYTHING...TO BE A PROFESSIONAL YOU HAVE TO HAVE BOTH LOVE AND PASSION; trust me... The casinos HAVE to be prepared to payout all slot machines and game jackpots to the players that have won. I have won hundreds of thousands of dollars in one day! "millions" can be won "legally" in each and every Casino every day. I have done thousands of PLAYING HOURS and if you want to GET THE WINNING EDGE you owe it to yourself to get my book. I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT AND THIS IS A MINIMUM INVESTMENT FOR THE KNOWLEDGE YOUR RECEIVING. To my fellow gamblers, if you have not made over 10 million on the slot machines since 2005, this book will benefit you greatly. This book is a must for ³The New² fellow gamblers. GET THE WINNING EDGE NOW! This is the partial breakdown... A VERY deep book, indeed. I have won and spent at casinos all over the world! Take a look at my index on how to build your slot machine strategy. There is nothing but enlightenment, excitement, and awesome knowledge in this book.

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