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    Gears Of War 2 02:03

    Gears Of War 2

    by MicroNukeX (7/27/08) 26,064 views

    Multiplayer online gamplay Video. Gears of war 2 will be available exclusivley on XBOX360 this November 2008. Killing is not the only way to win, but insulting the opponents will make the difference in battle experience.

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    God Of War 3

    God Of War 3

    by MicroNukeX (7/25/08) 10,937 views

    Playstation 3 Fans Desperatly Looking forward to the biggest record breaking title. Will zus get away this time or will the fate of the world comes to peace.

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    Street Fighter 4 01:11

    Street Fighter 4

    by MicroNukeX (6/30/08) 2,529 views

    Game Play Video. Featuring Ken And Zangeif. To be released on PS3 And XBox360 Consoles. Yet another powerful installment to Street Fighter Franchise.