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    The Power of One 03:06

    The Power of One

    by MikeBresee (1/12/10) 14 views

    Many people feel powerless in today's society. Mike Bresee believes we have infinitely more power than we can imagine if we just commit to change. One moment/day/step/thought at a time.

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    Mike's Visa Card Agreement Video 05:41

    Mike's Visa Card Agreement Video

    by MikeBresee (1/12/10) 7 views

    Mike Bresee says that his visa card agreement is approximately 11,400 words long. And Yes, that is just the English version. Listen to Mike tell you how he believes companies hide behind their words and complicate agreements unnecessarily.

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    The Silent Majority 04:13

    The Silent Majority

    by MikeBresee (1/12/10) 9 views

    Mike Bresee believes that we all need to become our own lobbyists. We all need to speak out more against the powers that be to remind them of what is morally and ethically acceptable. Speak out!