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    Hell Froze Over Episode 4 - 05:48

    Hell Froze Over Episode 4 - "Stalker"

    by MisplacedPlanet (3/7/09) 743 views

    Jody finally agrees to go on a date with Larry, the man who's been stalking her for years. But she comes prepared, determined to make the night a good one for both of them. Starring: Tracy Clifton, Diana Toshiko, and J Wilder Konschak Directed by Misplaced Planet --- http://www.hellfrozeover.tv ---

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    Batteries 04:59


    by MisplacedPlanet (8/3/08) 897 views

    After a messy break-up with her boyfriend, Piper only needs a couple AAA batteries to put everything right with her world.

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    Obama and the Red Phone 01:28

    Obama and the Red Phone

    by MisplacedPlanet (6/5/08) 177 views

    Too hot for MoveOn.org's Obama in 30 Seconds contest, and also too long. "Someone is going to answer that White House 3AM phone call, no matter who gets elected in November. We expose the truth."

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    Space Fax 02:58

    Space Fax

    by MisplacedPlanet (3/31/08) 504 views

    Space Fax (2007) TRT: 3 minutes. Directed by Shaun Boyle and Michael Benni Pierce. Written by J Wilder Konschak. Synopsis: Based on a true story... An office receives a mysterious fax. From where could this fax have come? Certainly, the title wouldn't give such a thing away. Credits: Ben Dzamba -- Office Worker 1 / Alien 2 Gabriel Mckee -- Office Worker 2 / Alien 1 J Wilder Konschak -- Screenplay Shaun Boyle -- Camera Amy Grumbling -- Sound Recording / Make-up Michael Benni Pierce -- Editing / Space Fax Theme Shaun Boyle and Michael Benni Pierce -- Directors Special Thanks to Middlesex County College

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    Momentary Engineering 18:49

    Momentary Engineering

    by MisplacedPlanet (3/30/08) 944 views

    Momentary Engineering (2006) TRT: 21 minutes. Directed by Shaun Boyle. Written by J Wilder Konschak. Synopsis: Bobbie, a caseworker from the future who goes to work every day in July 1st, 1996, has been given a requisition to invisibly shape an event that she simply cannot bring herself to create - the moment wherein the man she loves seduces the woman who will destroy him. Credits: Caroline Murphy -- Bobby Scott Willet -- Davis Caroline Hay -- Abby Rebecca Servon -- Raeanne Walter Krochmal -- Jarvis Joel Santucci -- Eddy Patricia Russell -- Mediator Shaun Boyle -- Director Zak Kauffman -- Producer Alli Hartley -- Co-producer Joanne Konschak -- Executive Producer Michael Pierce -- Editor J Wilder Konschak -- Screenwriter Ben Schwartz -- Director of Photography Nick Lee -- AC Ryland Blackinton -- Songs and Score Stirling McLaughlin -- Additional Music Nat Aguilar -- Gaffer Mike Posillo -- Grip Jackie Boherty -- Grip Daniel Frei -- Sound Alanna Guy -- HMU Wilder Konschak -- Production Designer Rachel Wolther -- PA Carlos Del Rosario -- PA Jermaine LaMont -- PA Sam Anderson -- PA Jack Cristal -- PA

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    Brains!! 02:34


    by MisplacedPlanet (12/14/06) 12,507 views

    Despite a running time of less than three minutes, Brains!!! is perhaps the most horrifying film of all time. It is a thousand times more frightening than most pop songs twice its length. Witness as the immortal hunger calls for take out.

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    Just Us League (JUL) 06:42

    Just Us League (JUL)

    by MisplacedPlanet (12/14/06) 7,422 views

    In Misplaced Planet's newest short, a bumbling father struggles to reconnect with his kids by pretending they're a family of super-heroes... Sadly, the sexy but evil Bombinatrix takes it far too seriously. http://www.misplacedplanet.com/jul (more)

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    Anniversary Dinner

    Anniversary Dinner

    by MisplacedPlanet (12/25/06) 57,185 views

    As Judith prepares her fifth anniversary dinner, she reflects on the four years with Tom that brought her to this place. this haunting, dark, nonlinear, and twisted film watches as a marriage disintegrates, shattered by tiny gestures, enormous lies, and a bullet. Credits: Written and Directed by J Wilder Konschak; Starring Chessa Ring and Stephen Graham; Edited by Michael Benni Pierce

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