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    How to Brand a Company - Testimonial 01:03

    How to Brand a Company - Testimonial

    by More Cabbage (8/1/12) 1 views

    HOW TO BRAND A COMPANY - CEO of Maly's, John Maly, a nationwide distributer of high end salon products, talks about his journey with More Cabbage to create a brand. John has since moved on to take these ideas to his new job as CEO of Mirabella Makeup.

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    Disaster Communication Using Social Media 01:40

    Disaster Communication Using Social Media

    by More Cabbage (8/1/12) 7 views

    Coordinated disaster communication is extremely important for communities that need to be evacuated. Jennifer Duhon from Shell Global Solutions shares a personal story of how she and her husband helped their community during the Texas fires.

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    Online Video for Business 03:12

    Online Video for Business

    by More Cabbage (7/31/12) 4 views

    Creating online video for business is more complicated than shooting and editing it. There is a whole other side to video, translation and indexing text. Our "Head Cabbage," Chris Conant, speaks about what Google is doing right now with video.