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    World of Warcraft Band Performing in Orgrimmar 03:21

    World of Warcraft Band Performing in Orgrimmar

    by Motopsycho (4/30/08) 1,220 views

    Because of some stupid comments, I make the following statement: I released this movie BEFORE Blizzard released theirs, so there is no way I could have copied it out of "I am Murloc". (look at the upload date and at the release date on the official WoW Page for Blizzards Movie and on Google Video ( ) mine was uploaded even earlier (11.07.07) than on Youtube) And yes, the models are in the WoW-Client along with their animations. Blizzard created them and put them into the client weeks before they actually released their music-video. You can also look at them with the WoW-Model-Viewer. I used the Model-Viewer (for models and animations), Map-Viewer (for Background), Fraps (to record everything) and MagixMusicMaker (it has movie-creation features) to create this Video. And no, I did not use a Privat Server, the only thing that was recorded on a server was the scenes where you see the Players dancing and that was recorded on the official Blizzard Server Proudmoore (EU). And if you still don't believe me, here is a screenshot of the MusicMaker: the production of this movie, no murlocs where harmed! You can grab Model and Map Viewer here: side has also a forum where you can ask for help if you have trouble with both programs.