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These are my own personal photos that I have taken over the past 3 years. The video goes on for about 7minutes and 25 seconds....enjoy.
  • 23 Apr 2010
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This Crazy women comes yelling down the street, with her pants down to her knees, yelling for help. most likely she was on drugs. She sees me and my dad and starts to yell for us to help her. The cops show up and that's when I get my video camra. There must have been at least a dozen or so cop cars.
  • 7 Jun 2009
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Awesome pictures of different things such as places, animals, flowers and other different and unique things
  • 26 Mar 2011
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Pictuers of the dumbest president in history!. Rate and comment
  • 28 Jun 2010
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shows pic's of New York and homeless people living in New York. Song By: Cat Power/ New York
  • 29 Mar 2009
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This slidshow shows different pictuers of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Band. I tried to make the photo's go along with the song. The song goes for 12:++ mint's
  • 12 Feb 2009
  • 576
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Cool song and pictuers Song: Kings of Leon-Closer Pictuers: Mr. Breeze
  • 22 May 2009
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NOTE: MOSTLY ALL OF THE PICTUERS ARE REPETED TWICE OR EVEN THREE TIMES OVER. THERE WERE HARDLEY ANY PICTUERS OF HIM,SORRY. Anyway, here is a slideshow deicated to Albert Einstein...the greatest scientist the world ever knew or will ever know
  • 21 Jun 2009
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Here's Lynyrd Skynyrd- Gimmie Three Steps R.I.P- Ronnie Van Zant
  • 24 Oct 2008
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GrandFunk Railroad-Were An American Band, Video!
  • 15 Oct 2008
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This has the song 'Welcome To The Jungle' by Guns N Roses, with pictures of different animals around the world.
  • 18 Sep 2008
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Just like the orignial 'Finish!!', but I made a few changes that made it better. The pictuers don't show up 4 times, you might see only one picture once or twice. Anyway, Enjoy this one.
  • 19 Sep 2008
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This is to honor the men and women who fought in the war and also to the men and womenc who did not make it home
  • 18 Sep 2008
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This presentation will show you how to get videos and photos from MetaCafe onto your desktop for free.
  • 25 Sep 2010
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To say, we are the only people in the known universe is just stupidity...think about it.
  • 27 Jan 2009
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Why can't gay or lesbiean people get married?, it's their life let them live it, I mean we do live in America we have no right to band gay or lesbiean marriage, just because some people don't like it...who cares just let them get married....I could really care less. Would you agree or disagree?
  • 16 Sep 2008
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This is for the girl I left behind 13 years ago in Florence Arizona. When I left her I promised not to forget about her, and she promised not to forget about me...sometimes since its been such a long time....I wonder if it was all just a dream.
  • 15 Sep 2008
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