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    Australia Premiere In London 04:48

    Australia Premiere In London

    by MrPaparazzi (12/12/08) 60 views Celebrities attending the premiere of 'Australia' held in Leicester Square. Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Alex Zane and Elton John are seen attending. Kidman and Jackman speak about making the film.

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    Children Of Courage Awards 2008 In London 05:04

    Children Of Courage Awards 2008 In London

    by MrPaparazzi (12/12/08) 449 views Celebrities attending the Children of Courage awards held at Westminster Abbey. Sharron Davies, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud, Prince Harry, Trisha Goddard, Vanessa Feltz, Craig Horwood, Sinita, Daniel Evans, George Sampson, Billy Murray, Gary Linekar, Danielle Bux, Nick Knowles, Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen and Camilla Dalerupp are seen attending.

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    Russell Brand Against 'Credit' & 'Crunch' 01:32

    Russell Brand Against 'Credit' & 'Crunch'

    by MrPaparazzi (12/12/08) 773 views

    http://www.mrpaparazzi.comRussell Brand seen leaving his London home. He tells the videographer he is very tired and he opposed both credit and crunch when asked about the current economic environment. He then heads to an office in Soho.

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    Ruth Lorenzo & Diana Vickers Go Shopping 03:36

    Ruth Lorenzo & Diana Vickers Go Shopping

    by MrPaparazzi (12/12/08) 692 views Ruth Lorenzo and Diana Vickers head to Lipsy in London to pick up armfuls of clothes. Ruth is seen arriving and browsing in the shop. She seems very cheerful and spends time posing for pictures. Ruth then leaves and tells the cameraman that she is backing Alexandra to win this year. Diana is then seen arriving afterwards and picks up a fur coat. She can also be seen enjoying the refreshments in the shop. She goes to leave but decides to head back to the shop.

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    Sleeping Beauty VIP Party In London 06:29

    Sleeping Beauty VIP Party In London

    by MrPaparazzi (12/12/08) 241 views Celebrities attending the Sleeping Beauty VIP reception at St Martins Lane Hotel. Al Murray, Dannii Minogue, Vanessa Feltz, Kirsty Allsopp, Brendan Cole, Sugababes, Chloe Madeley, Bruno Toneoli, Cherie Lunghi, Harry Enfield, Terry Gilliam, Erin O Connor, Melanie Chisholm, Deborah Meaden, Jessie Wallace and Lily Allen are all seen attending.

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    Noel + Liam Gallagher In Las Vegas Talking Ricky Hatton 03:11

    Noel + Liam Gallagher In Las Vegas Talking Ricky Hatton

    by MrPaparazzi (11/25/08) 490 views Liam and Noel Gallagher seen leaving Las Vegas airport. Liam leaves the building first and lights a cigarette with some people waiting outside. Noel then comes out. He can be heard saying he believes Ricky Hatton will win his upcoming boxing match.

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    Nadine Coyle With A Mystery Man 02:04

    Nadine Coyle With A Mystery Man

    by MrPaparazzi (11/24/08) 585 views A mystery man is seen leaving Nadine Coyle's London home. He helps a minicab driver load up her stuff before Nadine heads to a London studio. She seems to be in a very good mood and chats to photographers. She doesn't have a favourite for X Factor and is 'chilling out.'

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    John Sergeant Heads To The Gym 01:23

    John Sergeant Heads To The Gym

    by MrPaparazzi (11/20/08) 22 views Ballroom dance mover John Sergeant dubbed 'the people's John Travolta' whom waved farewell and caused a storm to the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing show at the weekend, seen leaving home and making his way to the local Gold's Gym.

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