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    Democratic Parrot

    Democratic Parrot

    by AnimalSites (10/21/08) 2,242 views

    My name is Bibi and I want to send a shout out to my favorite candidates, Obama and Biden. Woo hoo! (Don't be hatin')

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    Swingin' 03:51


    by AnimalSites (8/15/08) 1,737 views

    Bibi loves to swing on her toys and hang upsidedown. Not much talking in this video... until the end. ENJOY! And thanks for watching.

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    Funny Bird Demands Steak 01:40

    Funny Bird Demands Steak

    by AnimalSites (6/12/08) 53,146 views

    The Barack Obama bird you saw on CNN is back! Bibi wants whatever you're eating -- especially if it's STEAK! Also features her debut performance of the Lollipop song.

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    Bibi's 2nd Birthday 09:11

    Bibi's 2nd Birthday

    by AnimalSites (3/9/08) 7,701 views

    Bibi turned two on Feb. 25, 2008. UNIQUE WORDS: 89 (on this video) TOTAL VOCABULARY: 200+ CONCEPT OF COLOR Bibi definitely understands the concept of color. She was never taught to say "green grape." She added the green herself because they ARE green. I guess she doesn't know they are supposed to be called "white grapes." Silly bird. The word "carriage" heard in the video is most likely a combination of "carrot" and "orange." Bibi really likes oranges, and says "orange" frequently. When working on her colors, we use a variety of objects, both known and unknown, for each color. Saying "carriage" might indicate that Bibi knows the carrot is orange. Bibi can also identify red and blue on command...if she is in the mood. INTERSPECIES COMMUNICATION Bibi knows the names of the other pets. Sweet d, is the Golden Retriever puppy watching Bibi eating asparagus on the video. Bibi learned her name in one day. Stella is Bibi's favorite cat, and Bibi often meows at her or calls her by name whenever Stella walks by. IDENTIFYING FOOD Bibi knows the names of several food items. Not all of them are on this video. On command: apple, berry, chip, orange, peanut, pizza, seed Also knows: broccoli, carrot, celery, chicken, corn, green bean, green pepper, radish TRICKS Bibi can do the following tricks on command: dancing, step off, step up, turn around (not on video), wave

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    Bedhead Bird

    Bedhead Bird

    by AnimalSites (10/31/07) 2,474 views

    Bibi the African Grey parrot woke up with something on her mind. (Music by Kill the Alarm used with their permission.

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