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This video is about James Bond falling in love with Vesper Lynd, and then looses her when she takes her own life. No Copyright Infringemnt Intended
  • 4 Mar 2011
  • 315
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In this video Robin and Mrian are being told to admit their love for each other, before it's to late.
  • 9 Mar 2010
  • 423
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This video describes the kind of world Lyra lives in, and the dangers she encounters.
  • 7 Feb 2010
  • 284
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this is a video based on the movie Flashbacks of a Fool. It shows Joe Scott remembering two major events, in which ultimately change his life.
  • 24 Jan 2010
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This is a tribute to the reall William Wilberforce, who dedicated his whole life to the abolition of the save trade.
  • 16 Jan 2010
  • 529
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This video is the story of how Kate and Leopold meat, and how they end up happily ever after.
  • 17 Jan 2010
  • 520
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Eveyone should watch this and never forget. This is a tribute to all the Holocaust victims. It talks about the horrors that happened, and says that it will never happen again. The singers are, "Remedy" and "Wutang Clan."
  • 26 Nov 2009
  • 219
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this is a video to a Jewish prayer, that hopes for peace and hapiness for all. "Our father, our G-d..."
  • 25 Nov 2009
  • 257
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This is a tribute to Tuvia Bielski, a Jewish man who was born in Belarussia during WW2. He saved approximately 1200 Jews by hiding them in the forest.
  • 13 Oct 2009
  • 575
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In this FMA AMV I decided to that even the Humunculi, Dante, the Chemeras, and everyone that Ed and Al encounter are all part of a bigger plan. That even if any of them think they are the ones in control and watching from the outside, infarct they are only a small part of the larger puzzle.
  • 13 Oct 2009
  • 236
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Allan is captured by Gisborne and given a choice, ether he spies on Robin or Djaq gets hurt. For a few days Allan does not give an answer to Gisborne, and nothing happens. Then one day Robin returns to the camp angry because he had overheard Gisborne saying that Djaq was spying for him. But he does nothing because he has no proof. Allan confesses his capture to Djaq, who suggests he tells Robin all about it. But, being to worried for Djaq's safety, Allan doesn't tell Robin anything. Allan then spies for Gisborne, and at first he forces himself not to feel guilty. But after a while he cannot do it anymore, and goes to castle where Djaq was left to fend for herself by an angry Robin.
  • 4 Apr 2011
  • 443
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Ed and Al are two brothers who live in a world of Alchemy, Deception, and danger. After their father leaves, their mother falls ill and passes away. Upon failing to bring her back from the dead using alchemy, They both go in search of the Philosopher's stone, believing it will help them get Al's body back, and ed's arm and leg. In this AMV one sees, that the closer they get to their goal, Ed notices a woman that eerily resembles his deceased mother. Eventually, he fights this woman, who is in fact the Humonculi he and Al inadvertently created the night they tried to bring back their mother.
  • 13 Oct 2009
  • 269
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After I saw the movie I felt compelled to make a video that shows Briony in her true colors. This is my results. In the video Briony is guilt ridden about what she has done to Robbie and her sister, and it does not help that she has volunteered as a nurse for the war effort. Furthermore, Robbie's restless soul haunts her, and shows her the horrible things that he saw, and his own death.
  • 23 Jul 2010
  • 805
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this video is a tribute to the fallen heroes in Robin Hood. I felt very emotional when I saw the last episode, and I just had to make a video in memory of them. This is to remember Robin, Marian, Allan, and Guy.
  • 18 Sep 2009
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this is an action video based Quantum of Solace. It shows James Bond going after the people who killed Vesper.
  • 11 Sep 2009
  • 245
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this is a video I put together, based on the movie Wolverine: X-men Origins. It is an action video that shows how Logan becomes Wolverine. The song I chose is End of all hope, which is written by the group Nightwish.
  • 11 Sep 2009
  • 1 062
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