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    Tailor James Huntress 02:39

    Tailor James Huntress

    by MystiqueMagazine (7/19/08) 7,736 views

    This alien land is as merciless as it is beautiful. The spectacular blue water could freeze you to death in an instant. The mountainous glaciers are dangerous when pieces of ice as big as buildings come crashing down. And ferocious animals prowl the land. But alas, there is a tribe of warrior women who rule this unforgiving place. And they are the dominant species. This blonde warrior is the top huntress, and her skills with a crossbow make her a leader. Men are rare, so the women are free with their bodies, wearing skimpy, yet protective clothing.

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    Luana Lani Ninja 02:59

    Luana Lani Ninja

    by MystiqueMagazine (7/15/08) 5,773 views

    She is a fierce Ninja warrior, and she’s the perfect combination of brains and beauty. In fact, her physical allure helps defeat enemies as much as her skill with the sword. Any adversary is first thrown off by her petite stature, her fantastic figure and her stunning eyes and juicy lips. She is the picture of strength and goddess-like beauty. And if you’re not careful, she will pierce your heart.

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    Jewel Exotic 02:52

    Jewel Exotic

    by MystiqueMagazine (7/11/08) 6,613 views

    They don't call her Jewel for nothing. She is the glowing gem on this beach that meets the clear blue ocean water. Sure, there are hotties all over the place, but she is the kind of woman who walks by and has men and women alike licking their lips. Everything on her body is high and tight. Her Thai looks and coffee-colored skin pops out against the white bikini she has on. She's not shy about her body, either, and loves to feel the warmth of the sun on her bare skin.