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    Make Money Video Blog How-To

    Make Money Video Blog How-To

    by NK5 (5/3/08) 8,456 views

    This instructional video from PRMoney.com will show you how to add a video to your PRMoney.com blog in a manner of seconds! Expand your audience reach by blogging about your Metacafe videos. People love to read about behind-the-scenes and inside information, so give them an eye full. The more people that view your blog, the more AdSense money you can make. Visit PRMoney.com for more details.

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    Make Money with Your Videos! 01:42

    Make Money with Your Videos!

    by NK5 (5/3/08) 6,005 views

    PRMoney.com is a FREE web site that makes it easy to blog your way to success. We've spent many hours customizing all of our templates with Google AdSense to ensure maximum profit potential. All you have to do is enter your AdSense ID in the options, and your blog can start making money today! There's no easier way to begin bringing extra traffic to your Metacafe Videos. Even if you're not into videos, use PRMoney.com to start your own blog about anything. You never know what people may find interesting, so go ahead and create your free PRMoney.com blog right now!

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    Night Heli Ride - Vegas! 02:45

    Night Heli Ride - Vegas!

    by NK5 (2/29/08) 309,388 views

    NK5 takes you on a quick ride over Las Vegas at night in this video shot from a helicopter.The Vegas strip is pretty neat on the ground. It's simply amazing from the air!

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    Extend Your Life...

    Extend Your Life...

    by NK5 (2/7/08) 281,536 views

    ...Adopt a dog today!Scientific studies have proven that owning a dog can extend your life by years. Today we take you to a local no-kill animal shelter to show you some of the amazing animals you could be missing out on.Can't have pets where you live? No problem! Most shelters have volunteer programs, and the dogs would love to get out of their cages for a while.50% of the proceeds from this video will be donated to MaxFund, a great no-kill animal shelter in Denver, CO.

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    Automatic Rifle Fun In Vegas 01:15

    Automatic Rifle Fun In Vegas

    by NK5 (2/7/08) 375,828 views

    More fun with fully automatic rifles at The Gun Store in Las Vegas.This time we test out the AK47 and M16 rifles. Check out the intense muzzle flash from the AK47! It has some crazy kick - I'm not sure why it's the weapon of choice for gangsters

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    Devastating Blizzard 01:23

    Devastating Blizzard

    by NK5 (1/9/08) 318,509 views

    This is from the last blizzard to bury the Denver metro area. Some areas were hit with over 80 inches of snow!This is the blizzard that crippled most of Colorado, killed thousands of farm animals and crops, driving up grocery prices everywhere.The last part has some footage of the dogs playing in it - this was their first snow storm.All music royalty free and licensed by Pinnacle Studio/ScoreFitter/SmartSound.

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    Shooting A Fully Automatic M249 SAW 01:10

    Shooting A Fully Automatic M249 SAW

    by NK5 (1/1/08) 335,768 views

    Having some fun shooting a fully automatic M249 SAW machine gun in Las Vegas.This is a very real and very dangerous weapon. It is the same light machine gun found in many first person shooters. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to shoot a real one (in a nice, safe environment, of course!)Special thanks to the employees of The Gun Store in Las Vegas, Nevada for putting up with us filming the visit. Those off duty officers are a tad nervous when any Joe Shmuck off the street can come in and handle a loaded, fully automatic rifle. They were very accommodating.For those of you asking the same question I did, yes - new fully automatic weapons are illegal to own in the USA, unless you're the military or police. The assault weapons ban did not pass until 1994, so it is still perfectly legal to own an auto made before then.The music, "Cold Metal [Smack]" is licensed and royalty free via Pinnacle Studio/SmartSound.

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    AMAZING! Denver Zoo Lights - 2007 04:05

    AMAZING! Denver Zoo Lights - 2007

    by NK5 (12/14/07) 318,937 views

    Here in Denver we don't let a little cold weather keep us away from the Zoo. Instead, they have a special treat for visitors: over 38 acres of lights and animated animal sculptures. It's like nothing you've ever seen.The wonderful background music, Sleigh Ride, was produced by Ryan Thomas and Celebration Studios (c) 2007. ** Licensed to NK5 for use in this video only. **Sit back and relax as you enjoy all the incredible animated animal sculptures that swing through trees, jump across lawns, hide in bushes and appear in places where they are least expected.

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    Confetti Bomb Prank!

    Confetti Bomb Prank!

    by NK5 (10/18/07) 334,314 views

    Pull this one on your co-workers or fellow computer geeks! Very simple to do, but very effective.

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