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    Romania`s National Anthem 01:18

    Romania`s National Anthem

    by Naiku (6/12/08) 621 views

    The National Anthem of Romania.This video was made from a simple idea,but containing a big message:"Don`t ever let your head down!" and "Never Stop Believing" .I`m sry about the few pictures appearing in the movie,but I was a little short on material ^^.Sure,the national football team of Romania isn`t just made of Mutu and Chivu...but they are my 2 favourite .. :P

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    Google Tricks 1-4 03:11

    Google Tricks 1-4

    by Mattvot (9/5/07) 138,174 views

    Learn how to use google to: find proxys, search for people images, find live webcams, and find free stuff

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    Great Soccer Skills And Football Legends 04:46

    Great Soccer Skills And Football Legends

    by Naiku (8/13/07) 36,487 views

    Some of the great soccer players are showing how it`s done.This is my second movie and,again,I hope u like it ;) I`m sorry for not putting Kaka in this movie (my favourite player) ... But I will in the next one :P .............Comment & rate it pls :)