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    Unlicensed Therapist #2 Shopaholic 01:42

    Unlicensed Therapist #2 Shopaholic

    by Nalts (10/14/11) 124 views

    A shopaholic is magically healed by Your Unlicensed Therapist, but then refuses to pay a co-pay. So the therapist pulls some regression with a cash register.

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    Unlicensed Therapist #1 Laughter is Medicine 02:01

    Unlicensed Therapist #1 Laughter is Medicine

    by Nalts (10/14/11) 18 views

    Debut episode of "Your Unlicensed Therapist" by Nalts. Woman seeks help with depression caused by indifferent husband, dead cat and being laid off. Therapist prescribes laughter.

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    My Pet Hobo 01:02

    My Pet Hobo

    by Nalts (10/10/11) 69 views

    Children rejoice for their Pet Hobo. He pay live in a tree and pee in a can, but he's their best friend... So the story behind this ear worm music video… Patrick Nalts came up with the first lyrics and we couldn't get them out our head. Then Jessica Frech kindly continued them, arranged the song, and performed and sang it. Check her out at Katie did the camera work, and I'm not even sure who the kids are. :)

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    Wiener Dog & Fart 01:08

    Wiener Dog & Fart

    by Nalts (8/6/11) 102 views

    A tiny wiener dog runs to Mexican Hat Dance, and girls talk about farts. All you'd expect with online video, right? Ask me a question:

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    True Meaning of Christmas 02:41

    True Meaning of Christmas

    by Nalts (12/10/10) 179 views

    What's the true meaning of Christmas? I researched it, and summarized some highlights of the season's origin. But I think the true meaning is too personal to summarize it for all. What do you think? Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    GRENADE Parody ReJECTed 01:59

    GRENADE Parody ReJECTed

    by Nalts (12/9/10) 845 views

    My epic song parody of Bruno Mars' "GRENADE" was shot down by one of the most popular song-parody channels (KeyofAwesome) despite my incredible skillz in remixing and autotuning. Boys are probably just hazing the new kid at Next New Networks. That would eplain Mark's wedgie today. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Crutches Prat-Fails 01:19

    Crutches Prat-Fails

    by Nalts (12/3/10) 95 views

    A pratfall or prat-fail. Pranking the kids with (real) broken ankle and fake falls on crutches. And drinking mountain dew from a urine-specimen cup. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Gum Tree 02:28

    Gum Tree

    by Nalts (11/28/10) 21 views

    A 4-year-old child plants a piece of chewed gum and believes a tree grows, full of freshly-wrapped pieces of chewing gum. Shot in 2006 and remixed just now (Nov 2010) when I found the original file. :) Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    BEHIND the BAT 02:24

    BEHIND the BAT

    by Nalts (11/20/10) 10 views

    Yo interact. I miss ya. Here's behind-the-scenes footage during the production of a recent BarelyPolitical "Man Bat & Lady Cat" satire. Me now Next New Network creator. Had smallest cameo ever. To read about why I signed with Next New Networks, see my blog post: Below is the "Man Bat vs. Lady Cat" video that was being shot here: No planned changes to my videos, which will remain as unscripted and unprofessional as ever. But suggestions welcome if you have ideas for a regular segment or two -- like HotforWords or BlameSociety's Chad Vader series, two other channels that are part of the group. Thanks to Ben Relles for agreeing to lower his standard of NNN to sign me. And thanks to YOUUUUU for WATCHING! :) Distributed by Tubemogul.

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