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Art and Michelle discuss the emerging trend of patio spaces with fireplaces and built-in grills in new homes. These New Home Lifestyles hosts share their experience with buying a new home with New Home Source (*******www.newhomesource****/).
  • 15 Mar 2009
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Open floor plans are one of the many benefits of buying a new home as opposed to buying an old home. These plans allow the family to stay connected while being in different rooms, and the open design is much more appealing to the senses. Art: Hey! Check this out. I'm sitting in the family room, and Michelle is standing in the kitchen. Yet, we can still see each other and have a conversation. ... Hi honey! Michelle: (chuckle) Now this is a great example of the open floor plans available in new homes. Art: See? People always seem to congregate around the kitchen anyway, so why not make it a focal point? Michelle: Hey, and look how easy it is to ask him to come unload the dishwasher. Art: Yeah ... umm... I'll be right there honey. ... Older homes where divided into small, individual rooms with lower ceilings. It just never seemed conducive to the way we live. Whereas new homes have this grand room experience. Michelle: And it's perfect for entertaining and interacting with family about things like ... umm... emptying the dishwasher. Art: Right. Open floor plans -- just add it to the list of reasons to buy new. For more benefits of new homes or to check out the new home builders and communities available in your area, go to *******www.newhomesource****/.
  • 16 Jan 2009
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New homes offer a wide range of customizable options, including the ideal kitchen: granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and plenty of storage and space ...all covered under warranty. Check out *******www.newhomesource****/
  • 24 Dec 2008
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We recently visited the International Builders' Show in Orlando, Florida and talked to the experts about the new NAHB National Green Building Program, the importance of the green building movement, and the impact it's having on the industry.
  • 24 Dec 2008
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Art: This is our new home theater. You know, I never would've dreamed that we could afford something this cool. And this is just the start! See, technology's changed every other aspect of our lives. It would just make sense that home building would keep right up. There's lighting control, security systems, remote access... Did you know that I can actually go online and access almost everything when we're out of town? Michelle: And I love the security system and distributed audio. Not all of us want to listen to talk radio. Art: Hey, to each his own, ya know? Art: Plus, it was all installed during construction and ready to use the day we moved in! Michelle: Well, not only that, it's all included in the warranty and rolled into our mortgage. Art: One payment for everything. I don't even want to think about what it would've cost to put all this into our old house. Michelle: Uhh, ... Only with a new home! Art: So, honey, what are we watching tonight? ... Chick flick? Come on! Michelle: You'll love it. Art: Okay. Michelle: Thanks dear.
  • 23 Dec 2008
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Purchasing a home is often the largest financial decision anyone makes. When considering your options, new homes simply make sense, because it's true. They don't build homes like they used to. They build them better. We recently visit the Internation Builders' Show and spoke to some industry experts about why buying new is the best choice. Pat Curry, Senior Editor, Builder Magazine: You know, you get a lot of people who say, oh, they just don't build things they way they used to. Well, and when it comes to housing, things are built better today. Brian Binash, President, Wilshire Homes: Just like any other industry, as time goes on, technology improves, products improve, processes improve. It's the same thing with home building Boyce Thompson, Editorial Director, Builder Magazine: They're much more thoroughly engineered than existing homes used to be. Used to be, you know, that people would go by their gut feeling, you know, on how much support they should put in floors and walls. But today, they pretty much have an engineering analysis that tells them exactly what they need to do, and they follow it. From modern construction techniques that make your home energy-efficient, to creating a home that reflects the way you live, new homes simply offer more. Brian Binash, President, Wilshire Homes: Homes today are built to higher energy standards. So you buy a new home today, you're going to get something that's going to cost you a lot less to operate than a used home. Christy Tyner, New Homeowner: My home is absolutely energy-efficient from the last home that I was in. I moved from a home half its size that was about 8 years old. And my energy bill is the same. Pat Curry, Senior Editor, Builder Magazine: New homes that are being built today are required to have water-saving faucets and water-saving toilets. So you're automatically getting some of the benefits of those increases. Rod Watson, New Homeowner: I moved from a home that was actually built in the early 90's, 1700-square foot, to a 4500-square foot home. And my utility bill actually came down. That's just a translation of the energy-efficiency that we have in our modern homes. Brian Binash, President, Wilshire Homes: You want to be able to have a home also that you can take and you can build, you can craft it, you can mold it, completely around yourself. We allow people to almost fully customize their home around the way they live and the way their family lives. You can do that with a new home. Very difficult to do with a used one. Pat Curry, Senior Editor, Builder Magazine: The floor plan is designed to meet the way we live today. If you go into a house that was built in say the 1950's or the 1960's, the kitchens are small. They're closed off from the rest of the house. Well, where do we live these days? We all live in the kitchen. We congregate in the kitchen. So today's floor plans are much more open. Kerrie & Michael Larpenter, New Homeowners: Buying an existing home didn't allow us to customize the space to our liking. If we were going to make such an investment, we wanted it to be designed the way we wanted it. Angela Judge, New Homeowner: I love the fact that I was able to customize it and personalize it and make it just me. The lighting, the layout, ... everything is perfect. Pat Curry, Senior Editor, Builder Magazine: You pick all of your colors. You pick all of your finishes. The cabinets are going to be the way you want them. The countertops are going to be the way you want them. All of those details, that you could spend every weekend for the next 15 years working on, fixing up an existing home. That's all going to be done the day you walk in the door on a new home. Mark & Terri Patrick, New Homeowners: Any time you look for a existing house, you're gonna be stuck with things you don't like. Jacque Barclay, New Homeowner: We knew we would have to tear out the carpet and put in new floors and paint and realized that with a new home it was already in it. And we wouldn't have to do it. And the price just seemed much better. Michael Larpenter, New Homeowner: Buying an existing home would lead us into having to redo it all over again. I'm not doing another kitchen job as long as I live. Finally, when you buy new, you have the peace of mind that comes with a warranty. Christin Slough, New Homeowner: We chose to buy a new homes instead of a used home because of the warranty. As first-time home owners, if something went wrong, I really wouldn't have known what to do. And having that warranty just made me feel more comfortable. Christy Tyner, New Homeowner: The comfort of having a warranty is a beautiful thing. Rob Donnelly, Director of Sales, Lennar: You've got a builder that is typically within the community, so you've got access to subcontractors and building partners that can help you get anything taken care of at your home should a problem arise. Angela Judge, New Homeowner: This is my first home, my first purchase, and I love everything being set in place and ready for me. I love everything about my home. I wish I could invite everybody over.
  • 20 Jan 2011
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