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    Amanda Bynes In a Bikini 01:25

    Amanda Bynes In a Bikini

    by NitroVideo (1/5/10) 12,430 views

    Sun-kissed resort employee Jenny Riley (Amanda Bynes) can't believe her luck when a rock star she idolizes (Chris Carmack) checks in for an extended vacation. Dreaming of a way she can spend some time alone with him, Jenny fantasizes that they're both stranded on a deserted island, only to have her dreams come true. Well, almost.

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    Hannah Banks, Hannah Marshall, Odette Yustman

    Hannah Banks, Hannah Marshall, Odette Yustman

    by NitroVideo (1/5/10) 102,306 views

    What happens when a school teacher and her friends go to Spring Break? Well, her life is irrevocably damaged by a sleazy camera crew who doctor some footage to make it look like she's having sex. Her fiancé leaves her, she loses her job, she gets stalked and the whole town shuns her. Odette Yustman is a very pretty lady as you would know if you have watched The Unborn. For one scene in this film, she has a very hard time hiding the pasties on her nipples. And she looks great in a bikini.

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    Brittany Daniel In Joe Dirt 01:58

    Brittany Daniel In Joe Dirt

    by NitroVideo (1/2/10) 11,825 views

    Brittany Daniel In Joe Dirt. I wish I could put more clothes on Brittany Daniel so the clip would be safe for all the Amish viewers on metacafe, but since she is not wearing a full length robe, Im gonna warn you there is a scene where you can see her ankles.