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Quickly learn howto get three gold stars in Veteran MW2 Spec Ops Mission "Snatch and Grab" and get closer to the 69 stars achievement.
  • 6 Dec 2009
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This is a song I wrote about my WoW gnome character Ludith who wanted peace between the Horde and Alliance. **Voice/Lyrics by Me ** **Music composed by Sharky ** Parody from Jewel - "I'm Sensitive" Lyrics: I was thinking that I might cry today Because they killed me in the Undercity It doesn't take a skill set to be mean Your aggro will crush things much like my spleen So please be careful with me, I'm a happy gnome And I'd like to stay that way. You always tell me that it makes you really 'kek'.. You say can't be true good, and still be well specced, Why's it gotta be so complicated? Why do I gotta care if my armor is plated? So please be careful with me, I'm benevolent, And I'd like to stay that way. I was thinking that it would be really sweet If we all used foam weapons, when we PVP Then we can concentrate on our professions And start a new troll-hair braidingobsession So please be careful with me, I'm hospitable And I'd like to stay that way. I have this theory that if you're told you're Horde Then you'll beat up cute things whenever you get bored But maybe if we are surrounded in XP Leveling up together like we should be 'Cause anyone can start a big duel it's better yet to be more careful I'd rather set my bind point in the inn of your heart We are the Merry Alliance Be careful with us 'cause we'd like to stay that way
  • 5 Oct 2009
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Boxxy impressions aside, lets talk about Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers. Here I explain the features of gameplay, online multiplayer, achievements and more. My full article at Nixiepixel****!
  • 13 Sep 2009
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This quick tutorial will teach you how to put together a video complete with titles, transitions and effects! It's easy to learn the basics of video editing, especially in Linux! The program I used is called Kdenlive, It's like Sony Vegas, except it's free and open-source!
  • 21 Jul 2009
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Having nude models on an iPhone makes technology sexy. Who wouldn't want a free app on their phone/ipod that shows hot women who undress for you with a flick of the wrist? Check out this fun new use of the accelerometer in this new iPhone app Flip Strip from the Suicide Girls.
  • 2 Sep 2010
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This hidden video reel was found in the Wasteland. A global nuclear attack occurred on October 23rd, 2077. Nobody knows who was the first to strike, but in less than two hours, the world and most major cities were nearly destroyed entirely. Even so, humanity lived on through the use of underground vaults and a rare few survived unprotected from the blast. (Not an Easter egg so much as a fan-made video.. please rate and favorite if you like!)
  • 23 May 2009
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What if we were to catch wind of a product being sold in American that goes against everything we stand for? Are games like this really that bad? The video game Rapelay was developed for the Japanese market and is described as a molestation simulation that allows you to terrorize a woman and her two teenage daughters, with events ranging from groping on a train to gang rape.. Amazon have now removed the item from its site following complaints about its nature. We determined that we did not want to be selling this particular item, Amazon spokeswoman Patty Smith said. Do you think this is something that should be allowed in the US markets? Please share your opinions!
  • 15 Mar 2009
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*******www.nixiepixel**** Have you ever wondered about the origins of the internet slang you've been using? If you're not a 1337 h4x0r and you just want to know WTF these strange words are, then you've come to the right place. Help my weighted companion cube with the proper usage of internet slang, and please rate and comment. =-) Thanks for watching!
  • 3 Mar 2009
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So the people suck on XBL, but no one talks about the system itself. We know they can do better, but we haven't said anything until now. Here are the top 5 things we secretly hate about the Xbox Live system. My lil' blog: *******www.nixiepixel**** 5. Changing Your Gamertag Microsoft rewards people that get enough complaints about their Gamer tag by letting those people change it for free while everyone else has to pay. So the lesson is, be rude and get free stuff! 4.Reputation Reputation has no meaning, other than to act as a report card on how well you have done pissing people off. No one but you sees it, it has no effect at all in terms of what a person can or cannot do, there is no punishment for low rep, and you never seem to have less reputation than you initially start with no matter how nasty you are to people. Rep has no meaning at all. .. (reached max char limit, for more please check out my blog! =) )
  • 2 Jan 2009
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Click link under video to watch in High Quality! Time flies when you're having fun. Too bad time doesn't always fly while waiting for a Gears of War 2 multiplayer match. Watch how Nixie and Dark Natt pass the time while waiting for their chance to own some noobs. What do you do while waiting for a GoW2 online match?
  • 2 Jan 2009
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This cinematic gives me chills every time. Ironclad Games - Published by Stardock Entertainment. (I'll post some of the script here, but there's a word limit. You can check out the rest of the script on my website. Enjoy! ) "We don't know who they are We don't know where they came from But we do know they are desperate And they've been on the run for a long, long time They arrived in trader space almost ten years ago On the day my son was born At first, we didn't stand a chance A millennium of peace and prosperity makes you soft But things can change quickly .." (more at *******www.nixiepixel****)
  • 17 Feb 2009
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Just discovered- Show off your avatar with blue, green, pink, or purple hair with this new cheat/glitch. Please comment and enjoy. Full text explaination of how to unlock your fun hair colors at: *******www.nixiepixel**** Thanks for looking!
  • 15 Dec 2008
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