Novelist's Channel

Novelist's Channel


  • 1 - Long Red and Sexy Nails - Long Red and Sexy Nails

    by Novelist (9/8/08) 18,076 views

    The second Model on has been posted. Lisa has got absolutely stunning and beautiful long nails, painted in very bright red. You can see her doing lots and lots of stuff and this trailer doesn't even show everything. 17 minutes of material, smoking, writing, typing, wearing rings - you name it. Check out to see more.

  • 2 - The New Nail Fetish Website - The New Nail Fetish Website

    by Novelist (9/1/08) 14,530 views is a newly launched homepage for men with a nail-fetish, who just love and appreciate the look of long nails in different ways and lenghts. This site features pics and clips in high resolution, showing the women doing stuff like writing, typing and more. If this is what you have always wanted to see just check out the site. You may download this Trailer in High Resolution here: