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    The Cheaters Too

    The Cheaters Too

    by OIZONOPOR (11/25/11) 102 views

    "At the end of human evolution, their bodies don't was usefull anymore, since they had become too cerebral. Because of their consumption, they could not move. So they suffered high mutation and they forsook their bodies. The pinnacle of evolution was born. "

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    2011 Zombies Walk on Paris 08:24

    2011 Zombies Walk on Paris

    by OIZONOPOR (10/30/11) 181 views

    Sunday, October 23th 2011, Zombie Walk in Paris. In first Pêre Lachaise cimetery. After walking from Châtelet to Bastille. When the life is already dead, because there is no futur, no possible issue. Happy Halloween ----------------------------------------------------- Music's GRAY SICK EYE Visual 3D DAV3DVIDEO

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    Paris Snow Too 04:43

    Paris Snow Too

    by OIZONOPOR (1/11/10) 39 views

    Happy New Year on the earth... This year which begins with the snow... la musique est composée par ZiKaWam www.myspace.com/zikawam OIZONOPOR VIDEO !

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