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    Berlusconi Lleva Una Hostia

    Berlusconi Lleva Una Hostia

    by PCEparty (12/13/09) 176 views

    En esta ocasión no se la dio el cura. Un disidente expresa sus sentimientos hacia el Presidente italiano y su política de guerras, corrupción y mafia, con un arrebato de ira. Lamentablemente los nazicapitalistas no han dado imágenes de como quedó el ciudadano que se expresó así al Presidente, tras ser atrapado por los sicarios del oligarca.

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    .·*Misión Contra El Terror.3-5*·.Mission Against Terror 07:52

    .·*Misión Contra El Terror.3-5*·.Mission Against Terror

    by val6ntina (9/24/09) 738 views

    ~Posada Carriles’ torture victims demand his extradition to Venezuela~ by Miguel Lozano June 19, 2007 Reprinted from Granma Internacional .·*CARACAS, June 19 (PL).—Two years after the presentation of an extradition application, the wounds provoked by terrorist Luis Posada Carriles are still open in Venezuela, while the authorities and social sectors are demanding that the criminal should be handed over. -Posada, a Venezuelan citizen of Cuban origin, escaped from a national jail in 1985 in order to evade trial for his responsibility in the attack on a Cuban passenger plane in 1976 that cost the lives of 73 people of various nationalities. -On June 15, 2005 the Venezuelan authorities asked the United States for the terrorist’s extradition, protected under a bilateral agreement, but far from being detained for that purpose, Posada was arrested on charges contravening immigration law and subsequently released. -But for people like Jesús Marrero, tortured on the orders of Posada – “Captain Basilio” during his time with the Venezuelan political police (DISIP) – the release of the criminal is a bitter pill that demonstrates the existence of impunity[..] .~NATIONAL COMMITTEE TO FREE THE CUBAN FIVE~ Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos http://www.freethefive.org/usTerrorism/USTerrPosadaTorture61907.htm *·*¨`Misión contra el Terror¨´*·*3-5 de Bernie Dwyer y Roberto Ruiz Rebo -video: http//www.cubainformacion.tv ¨`*·*¨` -val6ntina http://www.youtube.com/user/val6ntina01 http://val6ntina.blogspot.com http://www.tu.tv/usuario/val6ntina http://www.dailymotion.com/val6ntina

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    .·*Misión Contra El Terror.5-5*·.Mission Against Terror 07:59

    .·*Misión Contra El Terror.5-5*·.Mission Against Terror

    by val6ntina (9/20/09) 246 views

    ~Relation of Some Terrorist Actions against Cuba from 1990 to 2000~ ·*1994 -Februay 6.- Command Group arrested by North American naval authorities , that was attempting to infiltrate in Cuba. -February 25 .- Flight of the plane "Brothers to the Rescue" near Cuba to interfere policy radio. -Mach 11..-Armed attack against "Guitart Hotel" at Coco key. -June 2.-Two members of the terrorist organization : F-4 Commands , arrested -June 8.- FBI dismounts secret camp of the terrorist organization -August 20.- Flight of four planes near the Cuban coasts. -September 4 .-Armed infiltration by Caibarién, Villa Clara. -October 6.- Armed attack against "Guitart Hotel" at Coco key. -October 15.- Landing with plans of going to the mountains by Caibarién, Villa Clara -October.-Training begins to carry out sabotage against the oil refinery -November.- - Plans to Attempt against the Commander in Chief , Fidel Ca Plans to Attempt against the Commander in Chief , Fidel Castro ~November 2.- FBI arrested in Miami, personnel attempting to set fire in a donation warehouse for Cuba. ~November 11.- .Armed infiltration near Varadero, Matanzas. [..] Cuban News Agency Division of National News Agency of Cuba (AIN) http://www.ain.cu/patriotas2/escalaing/terroring1.htm `*·*Video: Mision contra el Terror -Mission against Terror- de Bernie Dwyer y Roberto Ruiz Rebo Disponible en: http://www.cubainformacion.tv -val6ntina: http://www.youtube.com/val6ntina01 http://val6ntina.blogspot.com http://www.tu.tv/usuario/val6ntina http://www.dailymotion.com/val6ntina

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    .·*Bloqueo:La Guerra Contra Cuba.8a*·. 07:48

    .·*Bloqueo:La Guerra Contra Cuba.8a*·.

    by val6ntina (9/18/09) 280 views

    Blockade against Cuba. Cronology D. Eisenhower: (1953-1959-1961) .*¨1959: -11.06.59: In the context of the enforcement of the Agrarian Reform Law enacted in May 1959, the United States threatened to reduce the Cuban sugar quota, ban U.S. private investments and cut all economic assistance, if American properties were nationalized without prompt compensation. -13.11.59: As part of a series of maneuvers aimed at hindering Cuba’s purchases of the necessary weapons to defend itself against counterrevolutionary activity and air raids, the U.S. government pressured the British government in order to prevent it from selling 15 combat aircraft to Cuba. .*¨1960: ~26.05.60: The U.S. Embassy in Havana issued a note advising that the Mutual Security Act of 1960 provides that no assistance will be given to Cuba unless the President determines that it is a matter of U.S. national and hemispheric interest. -29.06.6: American companies Texaco, Esso and Shell, Cuba’s longstanding oil suppliers, cut their oil supply and refused to refine the crude oil imported from the USSR, as a result of the pressures exerted by the U.S. government. -06.07.60: Passage of Public Law 86-592 amending section 408 of the Sugar Act of 1948 and authorizing the President of the United States to set the Cuban sugar quota for 1960 and the first quarter of 1961, based on U.S. national interest and regardless of any other sugar quota consideration. (74 Stat. 330).[..] -02.09.60: The Department of Commerce enacted a decree eliminating general export licenses to Cuba for certain motor vehicles and their parts, for which approved licenses were required. (25 FR 8638) -07.09.60: The Department of the Treasury, with the purpose of facilitating the enforcement of Department of Commerce export regulation, issued a provision including Cuba in a list of countries where freighters could not sail until all the cargo manifests and bill of lading were Customs cleared. -29.09.60: The U.S government notified the Government of the Republic of Cuba its decision to halt operations at Nicaro nickel processing plant, which was an American property. -30.09.60: The Department of State announced that it had issued an advisory to American citizens “to refrain from traveling to Cuba unless there were urgent reasons to make the trip”. -20.10.60: The Department of Commerce amended its Export Regulations and put in place stricter and tighter controls banning exports to Cuba, except for certain unsubsidized food items, and specified medicines and medical supplies. (25 FR 10006). -November 1960: The United States Postal Service Regulations were amended (25 FR 10991), introducing the first restrictive measures regarding U.S. postal services to Cuba, by including the island among the list of countries where American exports are particularly restricted. As of the enactment of these provisions, a general license was also required for gifts, including foodstuff, clothing, medicines and pharmaceuticals. [..] CubaVSBlockade: Cuban's people web site http://www.cubavsbloqueo.cu/Default.aspx?tabid=748 `*·*¨`*·* Video: http://www.cubainformacion.tv ¨`*·*¨`*·*` -val6ntina: http://www.youtube.com/val6ntina01 http://val6ntina.blogspot.com http://www.tu.tv/usuario/val6ntina http://www.dailymotion.com/val6ntina

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    .·*Looking for Fidel.6-6*·. 09:59

    .·*Looking for Fidel.6-6*·.

    by val6ntina (9/16/09) 338 views

    ´*·Posada Carriles’ Torture Victims Speak Out·*` BY AGNERYS RODRÍGUEZ GAVILAN CARACAS, Venezuela.— Luis Posada Carriles, known as Commissary Basilio when he worked for the Venezuelan secret police in the 1970s, ordered the killing of Ramon Antonio Alvarez and Luis Eduardo Cools, the husbands of Brenda and Marlene Esquivel, two Venezuelan women who were also victims of the confessed terrorist. Brenda Esquivel not only lost her husband. When the couple was arrested in 1972, Posada Carriles ordered that Brenda, who was eight months pregnant, be beaten until her unborn baby died. Posada’s orders were to "kill the seed before it’s born." After Marlene Esquivel lost her husband, she was tortured repeatedly, her captors threatening to kill her daughter Orlans, burning her legs with cigarettes. As Posada Carriles, "Basilio," pointed a gun at her daughter he laughed out loud at the mother’s horror.[..] Periodico26.cu http://www.periodico26.cu/english/coverage/june2008/posada-victims100608.html ´¨*·*´¨*·*´¨ ~Oliver Stone: "Admiro la Revolución de Castro." ´¨*·*Looking for Fidel es el segundo documental de Oliver Stone realizado a raiz de la ola de secuestros que sufrió Cuba en 2003 y táctica empleada por el gobierno cubano para frenarlo. En presencia de sus abogados y el mismo Fidel Castro, el director, al igual que hiciera en su primer documental, pregunto con total libertad a los 8 acusados por el intento de secuestro de un avión en el año 2003. ´¨*·*Puedes encontrar el documental Looking for Fidel en www.daylimotion.com , youtube, video.google.com o en tu.tv ~Cuba, Fidel Castro, val6ntina, Luis Posada Carriles,val6ntina01, PCEparty, Orlando Bosch, terrorismo contra Cuba, embargo contra Cuba, Obama, ONU, dicradura, balseros, Oliver Stone

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    .·*Bloqueo:La Guerra Contra Cuba.8b*·. 07:51

    .·*Bloqueo:La Guerra Contra Cuba.8b*·.

    by val6ntina (9/16/09) 320 views

    ~The true responsibility for international terrorism~ Fifty years of US terrorism against Cuba by Salim Lamrani [..]The Case of the Five On June 16-17, 1998, the Cuban government invited two important FBI officials to give them numerous documents proving the dangerousness of 40 people deeply involved in terrorist activities who live in Florida. To this day, in spite of having enough evidence, the US authorities have done nothing in regards to these people.[..] ·*¨Nonexistent Evidence As for Gerardo Hernández, accused of murder, the prosecutor acknowledged that “considering the evidence presented during the process, proving Gerardo Hernández’s involvement constitutes an insurmountable obstacle for the United States”. However, the jury found Gerardo Hernández guilty of murder, although the prosecutor himself had expressed his incapacity to prove that charge. There is no precedent for this behavior in the history of US justice. The Five were condemned to long sentences in spite of the fact that none of the charges against them was proven. Actually, it was a political trial.[..] ·*¨Cases of Moral and Psychological Torture Several forms of moral and psychological torture have taken place against the families of the Five. Olga Salanueva, wife of René González, and her daughter Ivette, have never been able to visit him in prison. Adriana Pérez O’Connor, wife of Gerardo Hernández, has not been able to visit her husband. These women have not been able to see their husbands for almost eight years. The treatment given to Adriana is a real case of psychological torture. In June 25, 2002, after five years of waiting, she was granted a visa to visit her husband, who was then in prison in Los Angeles. However, upon her arrival in the United States, Adriana was arrested by the FBI, interrogated for 11 hours and expelled to Cuba[..] ·*¨US Legislation and International Law are Trampled On. The trial against the Five violates the Constitution of the United States, the Regulations of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Declaration on the Protection against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Penalties, the Vienna Convention on Civil and Political Rights, the Convention on Children’s Rights, the UN Minimum Rules on the Treatment of Prisoners and the American Convention on Human Rights. Voltairenet.org http://www.voltairenet.org/article132624.html ¨`*•*¨`*•*`¨ video: http://www.cubainformacion.tv -val6ntina: http://www.youtube.com/val6ntina01 http://val6ntina.blogspot.com http://www.tu.tv/usuario/val6ntina http://www.dailymotion.com/val6ntina

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    .·*Misión Contra El Terror.4-5*·.Mission Against Terror 07:55

    .·*Misión Contra El Terror.4-5*·.Mission Against Terror

    by val6ntina (9/15/09) 101 views

    ·*¨Relation of Some Terrorist Actions against Cuba from 1990 to 2000¨*· Right from the start of the Revolution, the Counter revolutionary groups , financed and trained by the North American CIA, conceived and carried out several terrorist acts that have cost valuable lives and a lot of resources to Cuba. At the same time , several actions planned to eliminate physically the Commander in Chief , Fidel Castro and other leaders of the Revolution. At the 90 decade , encouraged by the withdrawal of the socialist field , the counter revolutionary organizations intensified and continued developing with impunity , from USA and other operation basis in Central America , several violent actions against Cuba and its leaders.-- Now, a relation of some of these actions: ¨*1990 -October 14.- Armed infiltration by Northern Santa Cruz ¨*1991: -September 17.-Terrorist counter revolutionary infiltration. -December 29.-Armed infiltration near Cárdenas city. ¨*1992: -July 4.- Attempt to attack goals placed at Havana's coasts. -July.-Failure of armed infiltration attempt. -September 9.-"Tony Bryant" is arrested by the FBI from L Commands -October 7.-Armed attack from the sea against Meliá Varadero hotel -October 19.-Armed terrorist infiltration by Carbó beach at Yagajuay.^ ¨*1993: -January.- A PUND expedition is arrested by the Coast Guards Service -April 2.- The "Mikonos" ship tank is attacked with machine guns seven miles at the northern side of Matanzas. -May 18 .-the plane " Brothers to the Rescue" violates the Cuban air space -May 21.- An armed group is arrested by the Custom Service Group in its travel to Cuba. -May - The Mafia leader , José Basulto informs about the terrorist plan against Cuba. -July 26. - The Secret Armed Army Plan fails to attack goals against Cuba. -August 21.- King Judge underestimates charges against the arrested in May -August .The so called Cuba-21 Movement plans to spread propaganda about Cuba. -September.- Released by King Judge , the arrested in January -October.- José Basulto´s calling to the Cuban young people and to the population as a whole, to carry out terrorist actions. -October 18.-The terrorist mercenary , Mario García Rubalcaba is arrested ¨*1994 -At the beginning of the year.- FNCA executives organize an attempt plan against the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro. [..] *¨Cuban News Agency Division of National News Agency of Cuba(AIN) http://www.ain.cu/patriotas2/escalaing/terroring1.htm -video: http://www.cubainformacion.tv *·*¨`*·* -val6ntina: http://www.youtube.com/val6ntina01 http://val6ntina.blogspot.com http://www.tu.tv/usuario/val6ntina http://www.dailymotion.com/val6ntina

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    Balseros Del Capitalismo. No Es Cuba 09:35

    Balseros Del Capitalismo. No Es Cuba

    by PCEparty (8/21/09) 584 views

    El sistema económico-político más criminal, inhumano y genocida de la historia es el capitalismo. Más de 100.000 personas inocentes son asesinadas por el capitalismo, cada día, después de haber sido torturadas por hambre.África es el más inmenso campo de concentración y exterminio que se haya creado jamás....................................................................The images are of African migrants fleeing the capitalist countries colonized and enslaved by the international capitalist mafia.The economic-political system more criminal, inhuman and genocidal capitalism is history. More than 100,000 innocent people are killed by capitalism, every day, after being tortured by hunger.Africa is the huge concentration camp and extermination ever created...................................................................Personas asesinadas por el nazicapitalismo actualmente:Hoy: 100.000.Día antes: 100.000,Día después: 100.000,Cada día: 100.000;Cada año: más de 37.000.000.....Cada 10 años: ¡¡más de 500.000.000 de personas!!.Modo de exterminio: tortura y genocidio por hambre.Asesinos: USA, OTAN y multinacionales.Fuente Datos: Relator Especial de la FAO-ONU, Jean Ziegler.Los que no hacen nada contra eso, son más culpables que los alemanes que no hicieron nada contra el nazismo !!---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------People murdered by the Nazi-capitalism now :Today: Over 100,000.Day before: Over 100,000,Day after: More than 100,000,Every day: Over 100,000Each year: more than 37,000,000Every 10 years: More than 500,000,000 people exterminated by capitalism!.Mode d extermination: Torture and genocide by starvation.Murderers: USA, NATO and Multinational.Data Source: Special Rapporteur for Food FAO-UN, Jean Ziegler.Those who do nothing against this destruction, are more to blame than the Germans who did nothing against the Nazis!........................................ ................................Menschen ermordet von der Nazi-Kapitalismus jetzt:Heute: Mehr als 100.000.Tag vor: Mehr als 100.000,Day after: Mehr als 100.000,Jeden Tag: Mehr als 100.000Jedes Jahr: mehr als 37000000Alle 10 Jahre: Mehr als 500.000.000 Menschen durch den Kapitalismus vernichtet!.Mode d Vernichtung: Folter und Völkermord durch Hunger.Mörder: USA, NATO und multinationale.Datenquelle: Sonderberichterstatter für Ernährung FAO-UN, Jean Ziegler.Diejenigen, die nichts gegen diese Zerstörung, sind daran schuld, als die Deutschen, die nichts gegen die Nazis!........................................ .........................Les gens assassinés par les nazis le capitalisme-now:Aujourd'hui: Plus de 100.000 habitants.Veille: plus de 100.000Jour après: Plus de 100.000,Tous les jours: Plus de 100.000Chaque année, plus de 37.000.000Tous les 10 ans: plus de 500.000.000 de personnes exterminées par le capitalisme!.Mode d extermination: la torture et de génocide par la famine.Murderers: Etats-Unis, l'OTAN et multinationales.Source des données: Rapporteur spécial pour l'alimentation de la FAO et l'ONU, Jean Ziegler.Ceux qui ne font rien contre cette destruction, sont plus coupables que les Allemands qui n'ont rien fait contre les nazis!........................................ ................Людей, убитых нацистами капитализм сейчас:Сегодня: Свыше 100000.Накануне: Свыше 100000,День спустя: Более 100000,Каждый день: Свыше 100000Каждый год: более 37000000Каждые 10 лет: Более 500000000 люди уничтожили капитализм!.Режим D истребления: пытки и геноцид голодом.Убийцы: США, НАТО и многонациональные.Источник данных: Специальный докладчик для производства продовольствия ФАО ООН Жан Зиглер.Те, кто ничего не имею против этого разрушения, более виноваты, чем немцы, которые ничего не сделали против нацистов!........................................ ................在世界范围内,目前由人死亡Nazicapitalismo:今天:100.000。前一天:100000第二天:100,000每天:100,000;每一年超过3700.0万.....每10年超过500,000,000人!。灭绝的模式:酷刑和饥饿的种族灭绝。杀人犯:美国,北约和跨国公司。资料来源:粮农组织特别报告员,联合国,让齐格勒。那些反对谁做什么,更不是指责谁,的确对德国纳粹什么! Cada diez años, el nazi-capitalismo mata de hambre a más de 400 millones de personas. Si a esto sumamos los muertos por enfermedades curables, los muertos por guerras y delitos achacables a los "valores" capitalistas, la masacre se duplica. El capitalismo está llevando a cabo la mayor extinción de especies animales y vegetales de todos los tiempos y si no paramos al capitalismo, sólo es cuestión de tiempo que un día, una de las miles de especies que se extinguen cada año sea la nuestra, sea la especie humana.

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    Atroz Masacre De Inocentes En Afganistan. New Terrorist Slaughter of Americans

    Atroz Masacre De Inocentes En Afganistan. New Terrorist Slaughter of Americans

    by PCEparty (5/7/09) 2,438 views

    06/05/09. La tiranía capitalista del terrorismo internacional estadounidense, cuya dictadura ahora lidera el señor de la guerra Obama, ha vuelto a atentar contra niños indefensos y otros inocentes civiles en Afganistán. En esta ocasión el terrible atentado nazicapitalista ha dejado en el suelo los cadáveres de más de 100 personas, niños y madres han sido violentamente destrozados por la metralla capitalista. La investigación ya sabemos que irá al mismo cubo de basura que el resto de investigaciones que los asesinos capitalistas se hacen así mismos.

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