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    Dana White Hates Bob Arum 01:16

    Dana White Hates Bob Arum

    by PMLB Media (10/7/12) 2 views

    @pauliedoc it's actually the Las Vegas Culinary Union that are the gangster scumbags not NY - Must be more trouble getting sanctioned how unfortunate... - referring to some of the lobbying allegedly going on from unions in LV and the floor in NY - Hope they find some politicians with morals is that possible?

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    Junior Dos Santos Vs Cain Velasquez 07:18

    Junior Dos Santos Vs Cain Velasquez

    by PMLB Media (10/7/12) 28 views

    - Stefan Struve wants Fabricio Werdum next is this a great matchup for both at this point in time? - Whose guard would be more dangerous Werdum's world famous, or the long legs of Struve? - White upset after Mitrione turns down Cormier fight bc he wants fight with Rampage Jackson, wouldn't a fight with Cormier arguably be bigger and better for his career at this point than a fight w Jackson? - Mitrione says that he doesn't feel Cormier is a good fight for him after such a long layoff he wouldn't have been good for him is he right, should he get a pass? - apparently they have a beef after an interview, apparently Rampage is willing to bet his last purse that he'll beat Mitrione. - Wouldn't that mean Rampage would be at HW then? Mitrione can't make 205 can he? - If at HW that would likely mean an out of shape Rampage whos walking around 230, have you seen him in interviews when he's not fighting? - Some people keep throwing Pat Barry's name out there to fight Daniel Cormier's that a step up or down considering his top 10 status? - Dana White like the idea about Cormier vs Jones at 205 how do you feel about that? - What do you think of Cormiers desire to Move to 205 should his teammate Cain Velasquez win the title? - Will Cain Velasquez pull it off? - Can you remember the significance of a single fight deciding the fate of 2 divisions like this? - Do you think MMA is becoming too much of a team sport? Is dana white the greatest promoter of all time? Have they done things in MMA that boxing never did in its heyday? - Covered all the fighters medically in organization (Boxing never did that) - How many sanctioning bodies does boxing have and how much corruption has been linked to the WBC alone? - made millionaires at a faster rate than boxing ever did - Help fighters with sponsors - gives us all the fights we want to see

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    Forrest Griffin Admit That He Failed the Post-fight Drug Test 02:22

    Forrest Griffin Admit That He Failed the Post-fight Drug Test

    by PMLB Media (10/6/12) 3 views

    - Forrest Griffin admits on MMA Hour that he failed the Post-fight test vs Silva for Xanax, results never revealed are you surprised? (Pennsylvania Athletic not a ton of big fight experience) - Is it possible that Dana White and UFC had a hand in keeping it quiet? - Cub Swanson says he'd beat Jose Aldo 10 of 10 times if they faced again is he far off? (L Via TKO double flying knee and punches) what's different now? - Clears that up later in the week and says in reference to Jens Pulver rematch - Makes a lot more sense and beating Pulver, BTW 10/10 at this point vs Pulver isnt that impressive - Can you believe people are still asking if Sakuraba is retired shouldn't he be? - Clay Guida drops down to featherweight good move or bad move for him? - Does it seem like everyone whos ever had mixed success in a division drops now? - Should he fight someone at the top of that new division? (Cub Swanson maybe) - Chavez Jr still the choice for Martinez, they could possibly have a rematch in May will it do similar numbers like the record breaking fight that they just had? - Do you think it would be harder to sell given Chavez Jr performance as a whole? - They're arguing over venue, they mention that Chavez jr could sell a 40 or 50K seat venue, could that be some of the reason for the past shenanigans come weight time? - Are you excited at all for Franklin/Cung Le Coming up? - Is it hard to even imaging Roch franklin headlining anything right now? - Side note everyone is always talking about the superfight between AS and GSP, saw a pic of them two standing next to each other at a shoot, Wow huge size difference! (Google it) - Im not so sure about that fight anymore as a GSP fan - to give that kind of rech and size to a guy like AS who will use it is just too much to ask someone to overcome

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    UFC on FX Recap on ESPN Radio 02:14

    UFC on FX Recap on ESPN Radio

    by PMLB Media (10/6/12) 2 views

    - Are you a fan of a Friday Card? - What did you think of the quality of the card, did it live up to expectations? - Tons of people had Travis Browne isnt that crazy? - Who did you have in the Main event be honest? - Was it a good matchup for both going into the night? - Lots of good fighters on the card did you feel going into it like Jay Heiron or Josh Neer could afford a loss? - What fight Surprised or impressed you the most lastnight? - Are there any logical matchups that stick out in your mind after seeing this card? - WWE mocks the lack of TUF ratings on their Smackdown show how is it they did 3X the amount? - TUF tanks again last week in the ratings, is the concept old or is it Friday? - Do you think most of the 18-35 demo is at a club or a bar Fridays and may not catch first show? - Wouldn't it be better to be on Tues or something like it when most people have to slave for a living and generally stay in?

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    Political Art, Korea in Struggle and the Game of Politics

    Political Art, Korea in Struggle and the Game of Politics

    by PMLB Media (10/3/12) 3 views

    Tonight on Phatman and Little boy, We talk Political Art, Christian Artest Jon McNaughton Paints his vision of President Obama's agenda, North and South Korea are in Nuclear Struggle and What will Israel do if after the election? all of this and more on Phatman and Littleboy

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    Whats Next for Michael Bisping? 02:45

    Whats Next for Michael Bisping?

    by PMLB Media (9/29/12) 1 views

    Pound for Pound Sports on ESPN Radio San Diego What's Next for Michael Bisping? He needs another top 10 fighters bc of loss to Sonnen MW Div too deep for 1 win to justify a title shot, tenure irrelevant, maybe Mark munoz when he comes back? Chris Weidman?

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    Pacquiao Wants Mayweather After Marquez 01:17

    Pacquiao Wants Mayweather After Marquez

    by PMLB Media (9/29/12) 5 views

    Pound for Pound Sports on ESPN Radio San Diego Pacquiao wants Mayweather after Marquez, - could this be a cash grab in 1 more guaranteed payday before the record with Mayweather? Question for the Fans If Pacquiao lost to Mayweather could that affect his ability to get a guaranteed payday similar to what he gets today?

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