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    THE NEW DORK - Entrepreneur State of Mind (Jay-z Spoof) 02:48

    THE NEW DORK - Entrepreneur State of Mind (Jay-z Spoof)

    by Pantless Knights (3/8/10) 115 views

    This is a Pantless Knights tribute to our favorite entrepreneurs (who are all "new dorks"). It's a spoof of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind," from the guys behind (thank you!). We made it because there's a new type of dork that is cooler than ever. Look at tech entrepreneurs, hipsters, Computer Science Barbie - they're all super popular new dorks!

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    I'm on a Mac (I'm on a Boat Spoof) Ft. PC-Pain 02:35

    I'm on a Mac (I'm on a Boat Spoof) Ft. PC-Pain

    by Pantless Knights (12/28/09) 645 views - The Pantless Knights are at it again with a sequel to our "Mac or PC Rap." This time we're spoofing the Lonely Island / SNL skit "I'm on a Boat" with a Mac fanboy's anthem about Apple culture and products. Don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe! -beau, peter and david the pantless knights

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    Twilight : New Moon - MUSIC VIDEO SPOOF 03:49

    Twilight : New Moon - MUSIC VIDEO SPOOF

    by Pantless Knights (10/28/09) 1,848 views

    This video is our TWILIGHT: NEW MOON fantasy: what if Bella was part Buffy and shredded an epic rock ballad? Created by Pantless Knights Directed by Peter Furia Produced by Beau Lewis & Peter Furia Camera by David Fine Lyrics by Beau Lewis & Peter Furia Instrumental Produced by Taylor Locke Vocals by Erica Sunshine Lee Starring Michelle Nunes OFFICIAL VIDEO WEBSITE FACEBOOK Contact us at info[at]

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    Jizz In My Pants Response: 02:34

    Jizz In My Pants Response: "Puke In My Mouth"

    by Pantless Knights (5/7/09) 36,830 views - this is a ladies' response to "Jizz In My Pants" by Lonely Island. we (the pantless knights) got approached by a gal who had an idea for a fake engagement ring to ward off douchebags. we thought the whole thing was hilarious and told her we wanted to make a music video for it. a few months later, here it is and we hope you like it! also, peep our cameos FTW!!! big ups to the girls puking in their mouths! -beau, peter and david the pantless knights support us and go get the fake engagement ring + douchebag playing cards at and here's a link to download the free mp3! See more of our videos at

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    MSN Vs GOOGLE - Search Engine Rap Battle 02:18

    MSN Vs GOOGLE - Search Engine Rap Battle

    by Pantless Knights (9/24/08) 2,476 views

    Google and Microsoft trade nasty punchlines in the Search Engine Rap Battle. Vote on the winner at There are three separate battles: MSN vs Google, Google vs Yahoo, and MSN vs Yahoo. Custom Search Engine Rap Battle T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Tanktops available now at: Produced by Beau Lewis, Peter Furia and David Fine. Directed by David Fine. Created by Seedwell. contact: info[at] --------------- LYRICS Google: Your new system hasnt gotten many users They only use Vista cuz it came on their computers Step to me - Ill wrestle you blue My dyslexic fans, they call me "El Goog" Well connected - i got crazy links S-E-O just means what google thinks Smart people, they wanna work for me That's why I jack you for your employees Gmails got females - on fire like foxes i'm six gigs deep, up in their inboxes Search market share: 4% you 68 me. this battle rap is through MSN: You bought Youtube for 2 billion bucks He bought Youtube, the search still sucks Your icon's a joke - it's just a doodle Your name sounds like a baby retard poodle Youre net apps - they're slow- they dont work, nobody uses them, they go for the search I own your platform, I own IE, I own all degrees of the game, 3-60 You steal my people? heres the stor-y I buy Facebook and jack your employees You might have users, but they'll soon be leavin ya cuz your search results say search Wikipedia

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    Invisible Ride (Ghost Whippin') 02:36

    Invisible Ride (Ghost Whippin')

    by Pantless Knights (8/8/08) 817 views

    Pantless Knights Productions has discovered a new cultural phenomenon known as "ghost whipping". (Not to be confused with "ghost riding".) See for yourself in our latest music video "The Invisible Ride". Invisible Ride by Beau-J & Furia ft. Pakwit Song also available on iTunes! Video directed by David Fine. Video produced by Peter Furia, David Fine & Beau Lewis. Lyrics by Beau-J & Furia feat. Pakwit. Music by Pete Nos. Video created by Seedwell. LYRICS: Alright ch'all! We already told you bout ghost ridin the whip, now about to teach you how to ghost whip the ride! Vibe with me y'all. The best thing you've never seen before It's the Invisible Riiiiide, It's the Invisible Riiiiiide (where'd your ride ride off to) Giddy-up and ghost whip the floor It's the Invisible Riiiiide, It's the Invisible Riiiiiide (where'd your ride ride off to) Picture me rollin in my 500 candy top Ghost whippin so hard, make ya panties drop Cuz my ride -- it's invisible baby Like this hotty ridin' shotty -- an invisible lady My ride's invisible, I gotta keep it clean I ain't ridin' dirty, I gotta be seen Make it bling while I sing in the wash Make it bling til while I eat the hell outta this ganache Scrub that body girl, go!, scrub that body girl, yeah! Scrub that body girl, oh!, scrub that body girl, yeah! Car so clean lookin' like a museum Rims spinnin' so fast that you can't see 'em Wom-en on the glass, straight naughty wet tee-in' The body of a clean European CHORUS I got a sunroof, and a sun floor and a sun hood, and a sun door Hey! Check beneath the front seat axel, bro "yo!" from my camel toe Go slow when I ghost whip, like my gramps No blind spots, switch lanes like a champ Ladies lined up, switch dames like a tramp Parlay with a leeamp like a peeamp And in the PM -- high beams Lith-i-um Shine to show the way for ghost whippin with my frieends I know -- it's hard to see what we in But you can do it too, just drop a squat and put the key in -------- contact:

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