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    Su-30MK 02:20


    by Panzer.Zh (2/9/10) 6,991 views

    Latest update on world market. Advanced version of multi-role fighter (index MK stands for "modernized, commercial"). In addition to standard features has got tri-plane scheme (with front stabilizers), some versions have also differentially controlled engine thrust vector (as shown). Avionics may vary upon customer's demand. Delivered versions: MKK for China (76), Vietnam (16) and Indonesia (5), MKI for India (50), MKA for Algeria (28), MKV for Venezuela (24), MKM for Malaysia (18). Version MK2 can carry H-31 (AS-17 Krypton) missles.

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    Su-32 Fullback 02:57

    Su-32 Fullback

    by Panzer.Zh (2/9/10) 599 views

    Old index Su-27IB. Versions for Russian AF wear index Su-34. A heavier, two-seated, fighter-bomber version based on Su-27 airframe. Came as a replacement for Su-24 Fencer. Ground-attack and marine-attack capabilities are enlarged. Can carry heavy air-to-ship missles including H-31 (AS-17 Krypton). Cabin and engines are protected with titanium armor.

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    Su-30 02:03


    by Panzer.Zh (2/9/10) 605 views

    Old index Su-27PU. Leader-interceptor, may lead a group of 4 standard interceptors or stand for air defence tactical command post. Based on Su-27UB.

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    Su-27UB 02:10


    by Panzer.Zh (2/9/10) 116 views

    A combat-trainer version of Flanker. Has got the same features as the base version and is quite comparable in performance.

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    SU-27 Russian Knights 03:08

    SU-27 Russian Knights

    by Panzer.Zh (1/31/10) 1,495 views

    Демонстрационно-тренировочный полёт четвёрки Су-27 из группы "Русские Витязи" (Кубинка) *** Demo/training flight of "Russian Knights" (based in Kubinka) with three SU-27 and SU-27UB

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    SU-27 A.Kvochur 03:53

    SU-27 A.Kvochur

    by Panzer.Zh (1/31/10) 757 views

    Демонстрационный полёт пары Су-27 Пилотажно-исследовательского центра в Жуковском. Борт 598 пилотирует "Гриф" - Анатолий Николаевич Квочур *** Demo flight of pair SU-27 Flanker from Zhukovskiy flight research centre. No 598 single-seater is flown by Anatoliy "Griff" Kvochur