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    Taipei, Old House, December 22, 2010 06:27

    Taipei, Old House, December 22, 2010

    by Pearl Kuo (12/31/10) 23 views

    No.127 Sec. 1, Dihua Street, Taipei, Taiwan. "Memory FunLab @ Taipei" has gathered more than twenty designers and artists. The memories and experiences in Taipei are transformed to create a portrait and depiction of the city. It is rich in its combination of different dimensions, such as people, landscape, architecture, objects, and the faces of the crowd. We have architects, interior designers, graphic designers, interactive designers, illustrators, paper-cutting artists, stamp-engraving artists, photographers, musicians to present the audience with a diverse, open, colorful perspective. Dihua Street (Chinese: 迪化街; literally "Urumqi Street") is a street located in the Datong District (大同區) of Taipei winding from the south of the district to close to the north in the old village of Dalongdong (大龍峒). The street was constructed during the 1850s and since the 19th century has been an important centre for commerce in Taiwanese products and produce such as Chinese medicinal herbs, fabrics, incense materials, and for the post-processing of Taiwanese tea.

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    Sunshine Taipei Weekend, December 11, 2010 03:56

    Sunshine Taipei Weekend, December 11, 2010

    by Pearl Kuo (12/31/10) 27 views

    Here is a history Taipei dock. River connect to ocean. Hundread years ago, the ships were the mianly transportation from Taiwan to China. Dadaocheng spelled Twatutia before the Japanese occupation, is an area in the Datong District, part of the Taipei Basin and a historic section of Taipei City. It was known as Daitotei by the Japanese and Tataocheng during the Kuomintang era. Dadaocheng was an important trading port in the 19th century, and is still a major historical tourist attraction and shopping area. Enjoy our sunshine, water, mountain and blue sky!!

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