Pamela Polland's Channel

Pamela Polland's Channel


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    Over The Rainbow 03:54

    Over The Rainbow

    by Peemer (11/17/10) 256 views

    Pamela Pollandʻs music and Kenny Shacklefordʻs photographic images make perfect partners in this Hawaiianized tribute to the classic "Over The Rainbow".  Over The Rainbow can be downloaded at or and more of Kennyʻs videos can be enjoyed at

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    You Are So Beautiful 04:27

    You Are So Beautiful

    by Peemer (11/17/10) 205 views

    Pamela Polland offers this timeless Billy Preston classic with the partnership of John McFee (Doobie Bros) as co-producer. John plays all the guitars on this track. Learn more about "Hawaiianized" at and

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    Silver Light - Pamela Polland 03:13

    Silver Light - Pamela Polland

    by Peemer (10/17/10) 28 views

    Silver shafts of sunset light playing across the valley floor of Maui, Hawaii, set to the enchanting music of Pamela Polland. Time lapse photography of sunset clouds.

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    I Love Your Ways - Pamela Polland 04:27

    I Love Your Ways - Pamela Polland

    by Peemer (10/17/10) 74 views

    Pamela Polland's beautiful music and Kenny Shackleford's stunning photography make perfect partners to create this touching homage to Earth and the wonders of our natural environment. "I Love Your Ways", composed and produced by Gary Malkin (Wisdom Of The World), is a track from Pamela's Heart Of The World CD. For more of Pamela's music, please visit, and for more of Kenny's gorgeous photography, visit