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Hi folks. I am currently moving into a new laser project. This next project will be a Blu-ray laser and it will be my first one. When I was designing the model on my NDS, I decided why not draw a laser diode too. So I did. Its so easy that every previous line you draw will be the "guide line" to the next one so everything turns out even. It looks more 3D when you shade it and give it shinyness. Anyway, just paint one yourself if you want. Its great for making diagrams of models or such before building them. And also it looks cool, so just do it.
  • 22 Mar 2008
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'''►► *******Magnet4Power.Net - ''' Here is a little project I worked on during my day off. Its an RC car steering coil and magnet attached to an adapter which is hooked to a wireless remote control 110 outlet. The arm of the magnet is attached to a sliding pin door lock. To lock it, I connect the battery pack to the hidden nails going through the door. The nails are connected to the same circuit so I can reverse the polarity and make the lock move in place.
  • 24 Mar 2008
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Here is my latest laser. Dorcy's are great because they are regulated. Far better than a crappy minimag. I can get several thousand hours ofdiode life on this one. No duty cycle. Compact and just plain better. How to do it: This is a simple description of how to makeone. Let me just start by saying, NEVER MAKE A MINIMAG!! If you seek a powerful laser, a minimag will make you cry after all the work getting the diode out. If you bought the diode online, then you must really want to make a laser. I will help you make one in the most desriptive way possilbe. 1. Buy one dorcy jr 1 Watt lED flashlight at Target. 2. Start by taking off the top part of the light by unscrewing it. You will then have about 4 pieces: Main body, reflector, LED bulb assembly, and top half. 3. The reflector is on the bulb assembly attached with rings of plastic. remove them to get to the LED. 4. Remove the LED that is on the bulb assembly. If you don't plan on using it in the future, then don't worry about damaging it. Use as much force as needed. Just don't lose any pieces while doing so. 5. Take your Aixiz laser module and remove the original diode and driver board. If youo bought it from laserpointerforums**** pre-installed, then don't worry about it. 6 Unscrew the back half of the module and cut it to fit in the new torch. Mine fits like shown in the video by cutting the back half directly in half. 7. Heres where you really half to think. Here you must decide how much power you really want from this laser. If you want ultimate power, then use no resistors. If you want to protect your investment, then use a 10 ohm resistor. You will lost much power when using a 10 ohm, but you will never never have to worry about overheating the diode. You can still burn and do fun stuff like in the video. The model in the video has a 10 ohm. Solder 1 pin to your diode and on the other one solder a resistor DIRECTLY onto it. 8. after cuttig the modules ass part in half, make some notches either with a dremel or whatever you used to cut the module in the first place. Cut 2 notches in the bottome half so that the pin on the diode will curve 90 degree angle around the module and out. Look at the videos pictures to see. 9. getting the resistor to fit and not touch anything is realy hard. Place the module with the pin connections sticking out the side on top of where the LED was originally. Solder the pins to the connections. Your negative on the diode should be soldered onto the yellow wire. 10. If you find your pins touching your module, then thats bad. Make the notches bigger if that happens. If you find it difficult to squeeze the module in between the connectins and not touch anything else, then simply cover the bulb assembly with tape, then solder wires to the side wires and solder that to the diode connections. Hot glue it all in place.. Warning, only use the tape idea if you plan to use a 10 ohm resistor. It may burn up due to insufficient heat sinking. 11. More coming soon.
  • 1 Jan 2008
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This is the second guide on how to fix a frozen zen v plus or regular zen v. ZEN VPlus is a fantastic media player, but it has had some errors. Most of the time the errors involve freezing. If your ZEN is frozen and it won't power down, follow this simply video guide and fix it just by doing something under the first faceplate.
  • 31 Dec 2007
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Here is a great video on how to make a laser diode driver. Its a good idea to protect your investment in a dvd burner diode by hooking it up properly. Follow this simple video and you shall not be disappointed.
  • 31 Dec 2007
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