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    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (English Patch) TEAM HGG 2.3 *NEW 04:06

    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (English Patch) TEAM HGG 2.3 *NEW

    by PhillipOgata0271 (6/28/11) 1,982 views

    Download it: f your having trouble on patching your MHP3, use an untouched ISO. Link Iso Clean(direct link) 3 parts (You must update your firmware to prom-4 or higher!) 1. Download and extract the file named "MHP3Patch-2.3". 2. Run the program named "MHP3Patch.exe" inside the extracted folder. 3. Choose "Select File..." and choose the ISO of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. 4. Now play the game with the latest English translation patch. For MHP3Patch-CLI-2.3: 1. Download and extract the file named "MHP3Patch-CLI-2.3". 2. Write the location of the MHP3 ISO file that you want to patch in iso.txt. Your file must not contain any spaces. Rename your file if it does. 3. Run MHP3Patch-C and wait until it finish patching. 4. Now play the game with the latest English translation patch. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­------------------ Monster Huunter Portable 3rd (w/ English Patch 2.3 No need to Patch, its been Patched already)

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    Black Ops Zombies GPD Mods (FREE DOWNLOAD) 03:54

    Black Ops Zombies GPD Mods (FREE DOWNLOAD)

    by PhillipOgata0271 (6/28/11) 682 views

    Download it: I do not take any credits for these mods. How to use these mods: - Pressing the back button once will enable all infections and activate instructions set one. - Right Trigger = Shooting + Give ammo ( Infinite Ammo ) Instructions Set One: Player Modifications: - Back Button = Toggle Noclip + Give Ammo + Give Freeze gun/Thunder Gun/Death Machine ( Depending on what map youre on ) - DPAD UP = Toggle god mode - DPAD LEFT = Toggle third person - DPAD RIGHT = Toggle promod perspectives - DPAD DOWN = Drop current weapon - B button = Alien vision toggle ( Have no clue what to call this ) - Left Bumper = Toggle cartoon mode on/off - Right Bumper = Changes to instruction set two, the weapon shop Instruction Set Two: The Weapon Shop: - Back Button = Changes to instruction set one, player modifications - B Button = Drop ALL weapons ( Ray gun, M72, Death Machine, Etc, Etc ) - Right Bumper = Toggles Game Speed ( Fast, Slow, Regular ) Infections: - Fully automatic triple burst and semi automatic weapons - Smexy bullet trails - Gun sticks out promod style ( Different from changing the promod perspective ) - Essentially infinite melee range - Double tap = Godly now ( You have to buy the perk ) - Far away revives - Infinite ammo - The chest doesnt move at all no matter how many times you use it - Faster walking speed - Zombie bodies fly up after you kill them - Really really long last stand time like 10+ minutes lol - With quick reload you can make any weapon fully auto by holding X and shooting ( Need the perk ) - Perfect Wallhack - Simple FPS counter - No fog

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    Metin2 PL Hack Exp Bot Działający + Download 04:43

    Metin2 PL Hack Exp Bot Działający + Download

    by PhillipOgata0271 (6/28/11) 355 views

    Download it:łający8488/Pro Jezli myslis ze to keylogger to patrz : Nazwa pliku: Metin2 PL Exp Hack.rar Stan: Skanowanie zakończone. 0 z 20 skanerów zgłaszają wirusy. Skanowanie podjęte w: śro 21 kwi 2010 15:38:23 (CET) Plik Metin2_PL_Exp_Hack.rar otrzymany 2010.05.01 16:53:02 (UTC) Obecny status: zakończono Wynik: 0/40 (0.00%)

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    PSP 6.35 HEN Easy All in ONE Installation and ISO Loader 04:02

    PSP 6.35 HEN Easy All in ONE Installation and ISO Loader

    by PhillipOgata0271 (6/28/11) 103 views

    Download it: Read first! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! This is a video showing how to use HBL for Sukkiri's demo, run 6.35HEN and start ISO/CSO Games using Prometheus ISO Loader. If you have system software 6.20, better stay that way. For later versions like 6.31 and 6.35, the chinese developers 忠贞炙烈之炎 (Virtuous Flame) and Coldbird posted a Hen for 6.35/6.31 a few hours ago on As you can see from the video, the Prometheus ISO Loader released for 6.20 TN's HEN works on 6.35 too, so you can play your back-ups on the latest firmware. Ok heres how to do it for 6.35, for 6.31 read bellow. 1. Download this package:2. Extract and copy the h.bin, hbl, ISO and PSP folders into your Memory Stick root (thats the main dir). Overwrite all if necessarily. 3. Follow the video - start Sukkiri's demo and using the O button select the second menu option ot load the save game. 4. Everything else is done for you - the HEN will load and you are back in the xmb menu. 5. Make sure System Settings shows 6.35 PRO for System Software 6. Start the Prometheus ISO Loader. 7. With the Select Button change the driver to M33. 8. Use UP and Down to navigate through your list of games. (copy your ISO/CSO files in the ISO folder on your memory stick) 9. Start the selected game with X button. 10. Play! If a new version of the HEN is released, just replace the EBOOT.PBP in \hbl\GAME.

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    Battlefunds Generator V.4.2 (UPDATE June 2011!) - Updated And...

    Battlefunds Generator V.4.2 (UPDATE June 2011!) - Updated And...

    by PhillipOgata0271 (6/28/11) 553 views

    Download it: Hey guys, I am terribly sorry that I haven't updated this generator in a while. But now that I have learned the new algorithms of DICE, I have decided to give this an update. Try it out and tell me if it works! April update: V.4.2 is still in beta, please PM me feedback about it. It has new algorithms that support the new DICE billing engine. Have fun!

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    Call Of Duty Black Ops 15 Prestige Hack+999999999 Cod Points ... 02:42

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 15 Prestige Hack+999999999 Cod Points ...

    by PhillipOgata0271 (6/28/11) 69 views

    Download it: 1. Download the EBOOT.BIN once downloaded, 2. Configure your method of transfering files, wheter it's FTP Server or File Manager. 3. Locate the regular EBOOT.BIN, it's in the USRDIR folder of your game code (BLUS*****) or whatever. 4. Overwrite the original EBOOT.BIN with the modded one. 5. Load up Black Ops, and go into multiplayer. 6. Once in multiplayer, press Triangle. If it brings up your list of friends, then you're doing it all right so far . 7. Go into Local Splitscreen. Once there, don't change any of the options for the game. Leave it the way it is and start the game. 8. Now that the game has started, choose any team. Then choose the first class. 9. Now, you have no gun or anything. Press select, and you should get sent back to the menu where you choose which team you're on. Behind your pause screen, you'll see text. If you don't, restart the method. 10a. Press end game now. Go back to the Multiplayer menu, and hit triangle. If you bring up your friends list, you're almost done. 10b. If all has gone right up to this point, you should notice you're 16th prestige, glitched 15th, level 50, and have 99 Million COD Points. 11. Quit the game, and go back to the XMB. From there, delete your Black Ops Game Data. Not Save Data, Game Data. Then launch Black Ops and re-download your 1.05 patch. 12. Go into multiplayer, and go to Player Match. You should recive no message about being reset, banned, or have your level restored. If you do then that means your account has been played in Multiplayer for Black Ops. It HAS to have no history of EVER playing Black Ops multiplayer. Extra tags: Jailbreak ps3 downgrade playstation 3 three ps 3 firmware games free movies tutorial manager speed jailbreak unlock usb mod chip groove 3.55 Extra Tags psgroove psfreedom ps3 ps playstation3 psx mod mods modz hack hacks hackz jailbreak jb psjb ps3jb psjailbreak hacked modded sony boot backup manager homebrew brew sdk 3.41 3.4x 3.42 3.15 gaming "video iPhone Tutorial Download how to jailbroken modchip backup games God of War III GOW3 GOW Little Big Planet LBP Condemned Android phone ifunbox iPhoDroid game warfare consoles iphone palm pre ti-84 ti-83 android droid idroid htc evo 4g 3g desire hd motorola ipod touch crack bluray hermes geohot exploit freedon ozmodchip

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