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A GSR video filled with clips of the great Grissom and Sara romance from CSI. See more goodies at I own nothing, but I sure love it all.
  • 9 Feb 2009
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A slightly naughty GSR video inspired by the amazing romance of Grissom and Sara on CSI. This video is featured at
  • 4 Jan 2009
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A GSR video based on my hopes for Grissom's final show. I don't own CSI, CBS or anything else. For more GSR goodness, visit
  • 20 Jan 2009
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A trailer for the A/U GSR Fan Fiction story, "Forbidden Hunger" written by The WolvGambit. Here's a summary: Banished from his clan for refusing to take a mate, he lived alone suffered alone, and hadnt fed in ages. She was an outsider, a survivor. What happens when they meet? An unbearable hunger. Read the fic here.... Video by PiperGrissom For more GSR goodies, please visit http://grissomandsaraforeverlove.wetp... Music by Apocolyptica Clips from Interview With a Vampire Scream3,CSI,Kiss of the Vampire,Kiss The Sky GSR Clips thanks to BillyPetersenRocks,PureJorja and SoBilly Geeklove Rules
  • 27 Apr 2009
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A fun GSR video! I am sick of angst. The clips are from and I don't own CSI, if I did, Sara would still be there!
  • 12 Oct 2008
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This is a "love song" for the upcoming season nine. A promo of sorts, whith a bit of my own hopes. I don't own CBS, cause if I did, all things in this video would happen. Clips from BillyRocks and PureJorja. Music from Tesla
  • 3 Oct 2008
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A GSR Fan Fiction Promo for my fan fic, Welcome Back,Sidle here:
  • 30 Jun 2008
  • 336
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My take on the upcoming season nine. I don't own CSI or anything else, but I'd still like to rent William Petersen.
  • 28 Dec 2008
  • 491
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My response to a challenge issued at I have a William Petersen addiction! I don't own CSI, William Petersen or anything else, darn it.
  • 28 Jul 2008
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GSR video I made to let TPTB know what I want for Sara's return. Is a slight promo for my fan fic Home Again at Clips from and Music by Creed I don't own CSI, but I wish I did!
  • 10 Jul 2008
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