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Sites he flagged the video on : DailyMotion YouTube He Won't be able to flag this video because it does NOT violate ANY of the rules/terms in and/or of this site. Here is the pastebin version: *******pastebin****/KeyGwRSV GET ME U FUCKING SCRUB BWA, FD , DARKSIDE, ON YA FOREHEAD U PUSSY LOOKING GREEK BOY. his aims : trapcatthebest / thebadasstrapcat UPDATE : HE DIDNT SWAT NOR PIZZA BOMB, AND CANT NEITHER. HE ASKED ICE.XL [HIS AIM] TO DO IT FOR HIM , HE SAID NO AND THEN BLOCKED HIM , LMFAOAOAOAO TRAP CAT CANT DO SHITTTTTTT
  • 24 Apr 2012
  • 193
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