Zapiro Cartoon of Zuma Cleared -18 July 2010- News Rant by Bernard Poolman for universal equality and the end of all abuse *******www.desteni***.za Desteni DesteniProductions SouthAfrica ANC Zuma corruption justice money-system fraud
  • 27 Jul 2010
  • 181
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SA-born Baron gets Rocket into orbit Pie in the Sky a la American Dream? News Rant Commentary by Bernard Poolman *******www.desteni***.za Desteni DesteniProductions
  • 19 Jun 2010
  • 247
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South Africa Corruption ANC ANCYL
  • 4 Jun 2010
  • 312
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Commentary by Bernard Poolman *******www.desteni***.za DesteniProductions Desteni
  • 7 Jun 2010
  • 75
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50-year Plan would Ensure Employment South Africa
  • 3 Jun 2010
  • 279
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The God of Man is always here occupying our minds constantly as we plan to plant seeds that will bring us the power and joy of God. We place this prayer to you dear God that you may fill our cup and we will be drunk with joy. We are yours forever dear God *******www.desteni***.za desteni equal life foundation equallife equalmoney desteniproductions bernardpoolman for universal equality and the exposure of corruption in all ways
  • 1 Jun 2010
  • 48
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ANC not worthy of freedom charter - Principled leaders must stand-up. It takes guts to stop corruption.
  • 30 May 2010
  • 179
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In the game between personality and principle, the principle suffer under the personality. Obama needs principles not personality. Politics need principles not personalities. Equal life Foundation for equal money is the Future *******www.desteni***.za desteni desteniproductions equalmoney bernardpoolman equallife
  • 29 May 2010
  • 342
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I am 1 vote for equality. We ‘Have’-to ‘share’ with you ‘News’ of a ‘Incredible’ ‘Nature’, ‘Horrific’ – It is that ‘Peace on Earth’ is ‘Impossible’. ‘‘How’ Can I be ‘Peaceful’ when I have No-way to ‘Feed’-Myself, or my ‘Children’- ask the Man ‘searching’ for a ‘Way to Live’-‘How’ can I be ‘Peaceful’ if I cannot find a ‘Job’? – Ask the Man that ‘Lost’ Everything in the ‘Credit-Crises’-‘How’ can I be ‘Peaceful’ if I have Nowhere to ‘Sleep’? – ask the ‘Family’ that Lost their House in ‘foreclosure’ during the Recent ‘Credit-Crises’ and the ‘Events’ that ‘Crashed’ the ‘Money-Markets’ –‘How’ can I be ‘Peaceful’ if I have No-way to ‘Pay’ My ‘Debt’? –ask the Man trying-to get his ‘Salary’ to ‘fit’ his Expenses -‘How’ can I be ‘Peaceful’ when I ‘See’ People with-‘Money’ where I have ‘None’ and No-way to ‘Get-Money’ – ask the Man looking-at the ‘Rich’ and ‘Famous’, driving in ‘beautiful-cars’ and living in ‘beautiful-homes’ and ‘Living’-off the ‘Slave-Labor’ of the ‘People’ with ‘No-Hope’ - ‘Peace’ will ‘Never-Exist’ Until these ‘People’-Have ‘what’ will ‘give’-them ‘Peace’ –‘Those’ that has Got ‘Food’, *******www.desteni***.za desteni desteniproductions bernardpoolman for universal equality
  • 24 May 2010
  • 80
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