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    Introduction to the Protein Factory 01:42

    Introduction to the Protein Factory

    by ProteinFactory (2/10/12) 1 views

    Introduction to the Protein Factory Alex Rogers, tutorials,and highest quality protein powder. All video and graphics were shot and created in house, we own all rights to the content. The music is licensed for us to use by Song: Dance Your Body Artist: Stonedrider We purchased this audio file from under the Standard Audio Content License Agreement File #: 18530256

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    Casein *SECRET INSIDE INFO* Casein 01:53

    Casein *SECRET INSIDE INFO* Casein

    by ProteinFactory (1/31/12) 8 views

    Casein *BEST INFO* Casein. Alex Rogers, protein guru, gives you information that has never been told before about casein protein. Brought to you by Song: "Cool Hard Facts" Artist: Kevin MacLeod

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    Creatine *GURU INFO* Creatine 02:11

    Creatine *GURU INFO* Creatine

    by ProteinFactory (1/30/12) 21 views

    Creatine *GURU INFO* Creatine. Alex Rogers, protein supplement guru, explains the basic's of creatine monohydrate. Brought to you by Song: "Cool Hard Facts" Artist: Kevin MacLeod

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    Ideal Protein *BEST ON THE NET* Protein Ideal 01:05

    Ideal Protein *BEST ON THE NET* Protein Ideal

    by ProteinFactory (1/18/12) 52 views

    Ideal Protein *BEST ON THE NET* PROTEIN FACTORY: Through constant research and development, we will always be the leader in protein supplementation. Our proteins have been clinically tested, over and over again proving their effectiveness. Song: "Gearhead" Artist: Kevin MacLeod

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    Potato Protein Powder 01:25

    Potato Protein Powder

    by ProteinFactory (1/17/12) 27 views

    Why is Potato Protein Powder your #1 choice? A new form of protein powder has arrived that will now be your number one choice if you prefer vegetable based protein powders, or want to avoid soy, dairy, lactose, and egg. Introducing potato protein isolate. Potato protein isolate protein powder is by far superior in every aspect over other vegetable proteins such as soy, pea and rice. While soy has estrogenic properties, which are harmful to your health in so many ways and pea and rice have a low biological values, potato protein isolate contains no soy and/ or soy lecithin and has a much higher biological value than rice or pea. In fact potato protein has a higher biological value than casein, more BCAA’s than whey protein, and overall contains more essential amino acids than any other protein powder. The choice is clear, potato protein isolate is your NEW #1 Choice for a highly digestible, fast absorbing, superior nutrition, and vegetable protein. Song: Loire Artist: Taylor Hayward

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    Custom Protein Lab - Creating A Meal Replacement Formula 02:56

    Custom Protein Lab - Creating A Meal Replacement Formula

    by ProteinFactory (1/11/12) 10 views

    Alex Rogers gives you a step by step tutorial on how to create a custom meal replacement protein formula using Protein Factory's exclusive Custom Protein Lab! This meal replacement formula is great for losing weight. Use this formula as a meal on the go, to help you stay slim! Song: "No Permanent Address" Artist: Dano

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