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    Amazing Stuntman 02:36

    Amazing Stuntman

    by KeMp - S2O (8/21/07) 397,792 views

    Demoreel of Cyril Raffaelli // Actor - Stuntman Cyril start really soon to do some extrem jumps & tricks, he's now a famous stunt in action movie like Die Hard 4, District B13 or Kiss of The Dragon (with Jet Li) He practice Martial Art (Wu Shu), Acrobatics, Parkour, StreetFreestyle... Editing : KeMp Music : Lex B S2OTV 6 // Art2Rue

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    Fat Guy Vs. Box 04:58

    Fat Guy Vs. Box

    by Quapty (8/5/07) 4,767 views

    Guy in a fat suit vs. guy in a box. Tournament of Champions fake fight starts off with a butt blast into some suplexes and punches and a roundhouse kick with extreme pounding and then the fat guy squashes him. After that it just gets insane and funny to watch. Give it a 5!!!

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    Super Mario World Commercial 02:57

    Super Mario World Commercial

    by Quapty (8/1/07) 12,883 views

    FUNNY!!! Jake and Mark are just two normal roomates who want to play Super Mario World, but everything goes haywire when Jake doesn't enjoy the game. "Where do you buy the pokeballs?" Only the Yellow Switch Palace can hold their friendship together, but will it be enough?

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    300 Spartan Workout - Home Version 2 03:21

    300 Spartan Workout - Home Version 2

    by fitnessvip (7/31/07) 723,154 views

    300 Spartan Training Workout. Home Version. This is my home version Spartan training that anyone can perform from home. The rules are simple. Perform the exercise shown in any order. Perform 30 reps for each one. Perform 30 reps per exercise. Complete a total of 300 reps combined. Try it if you dare.

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    Real Life Pokemon Battle! 03:07

    Real Life Pokemon Battle!

    by Quapty (7/23/07) 63,427 views

    It had once been a dream of Zeeff Productions to do a live action pokemon battle, and that dream has been brought to reality. This scene takes place during the Freshmen Farewell Under the Sea Dance where Marty McFly and T-1000 (Terminator) square off for their final battle.

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    The Island 15:21

    The Island

    by Quapty (7/4/07) 945 views

    Four men set out on a mission to cross the deadly waters of the Cedar Creek Lake to get to THE ISLAND, but is the task too much? Full of adventure and humor, this expedition turns out to be more than this team can handle. Watch as they struggle through trust in their team and trust in their homemade raft.

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