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Guy in a fat suit vs. guy in a box. Tournament of Champions fake fight starts off with a butt blast into some suplexes and punches and a roundhouse kick with extreme pounding and then the fat guy squashes him. After that it just gets insane and funny to watch. Give it a 5!!!
  • 1 Aug 2007
  • 4 950
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FUNNY!!! Jake and Mark are just two normal roomates who want to play Super Mario World, but everything goes haywire when Jake doesn't enjoy the game. "Where do you buy the pokeballs?" Only the Yellow Switch Palace can hold their friendship together, but will it be enough?
  • 31 Jul 2007
  • 13 217
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Commentators for the Tournament of Champions battle it out in a brutal fashion as Apples McDairy takes on Chaz...The moves in this fight will probably never been seen in any other fight that takes place on this world. Watch as both competitors complete demolish each other.
  • 30 Jul 2007
  • 41 846
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It had once been a dream of Zeeff Productions to do a live action pokemon battle, and that dream has been brought to reality. This scene takes place during the Freshmen Farewell Under the Sea Dance where Marty McFly and T-1000 (Terminator) square off for their final battle.
  • 23 Jul 2007
  • 64 049
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Cutest kitten ever meows.
  • 16 Jul 2007
  • 3 482
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A quick and easy takedown. Nice sweep and slam.
  • 6 Jul 2007
  • 6 830
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Four men set out on a mission to cross the deadly waters of the Cedar Creek Lake to get to THE ISLAND, but is the task too much? Full of adventure and humor, this expedition turns out to be more than this team can handle. Watch as they struggle through trust in their team and trust in their homemade raft.
  • 4 Jul 2007
  • 1 177
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boxing/sparring with slow motion highlights, karatedepot****
  • 23 Jun 2007
  • 6 820
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My brothers both made potato guns from instructions on metacafe**** and we decided to go out and fire them, however we lost the daylight so you get to see them light up as they shoot. Enjoy!
  • 18 Jun 2007
  • 2 451
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