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    Custom Variables in QuestionPro 05:12

    Custom Variables in QuestionPro

    by QuestionPro (10/30/08) 64 views

    QuestionPro allows you to use Custom Variables to allow you to personalize and refine your surveys, set up custom branching rules, and enhance the analysis of your survey data. This short screencast explains how to get your custom variables into Question Pro and how to take best advantage of them.

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    Block Randomization in QuestionPro 02:53

    Block Randomization in QuestionPro

    by QuestionPro (10/30/08) 175 views

    Block Randomization, also referred to as "Block Rotation" in the survey world, takes a predefined block of sequential survey questions and shuffles their order. When the block concludes, the survey returns to its normal order. This screencast explains the uses and set-up of QuestionPro's Block Randomization feature.

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    Email List Filter in QuestionPro 02:11

    Email List Filter in QuestionPro

    by QuestionPro (10/30/08) 87 views

    QuestionPro's email list filter is a handy way for you to filter or segment your respondents when inviting them to complete a survey. This short screencast shows you how it's done.

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    Custom/Delayed Branching in QuestionPro 02:58

    Custom/Delayed Branching in QuestionPro

    by QuestionPro (10/30/08) 131 views

    Branching in QuestionPro is when you set your survey question order to immediately skip from one question down to another further into your survey based on a particular choice of your respondent. Learn the value of branching by watching this short tutorial screencast.

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    Standard Question Types in Question Pro 03:07

    Standard Question Types in Question Pro

    by QuestionPro (10/30/08) 23 views

    To get the most out of your QuestionPro survey, you'll want to understand the wide variety of standard question types available to you in the Question Creation wizard. This short video explains them all.

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    Quota Control with QuestionPro 03:32

    Quota Control with QuestionPro

    by QuestionPro (10/30/08) 12 views

    QuestionPro's Quota Control feature enables you to control the number of respondents to your survey, so you can automatically cap your data when you've attained an adequate sample. This short video shows you how to set it up.

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    Exrtaction with QuestionPro 03:41

    Exrtaction with QuestionPro

    by QuestionPro (10/30/08) 7 views

    Using extraction, you're able to logically display question options based on respondents' answers to a previous question. This short tutorial screencast will teach you how to create surveys with extraction questions with QuestionPro.

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