Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!


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    RAP4 Mag-Fed Arena 01:49

    RAP4 Mag-Fed Arena

    by RAP4com_USA (7/30/12) 4 views

    Check out some footage from RAP4's Mag-Fed Arena at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park - your location for mag-fed action in Southern California!

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    RAP4 Team Photo Contest 02:19

    RAP4 Team Photo Contest

    by RAP4com_USA (7/27/12) 9 views

    Congratulations to SWAT Paintball Team RJ for their winning photo! They just received 10 free sets of hawkeye paintball goggles! Enter into our new photo contests here:

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    DMAG Update 07.26.2012 01:17

    DMAG Update 07.26.2012

    by RAP4com_USA (7/26/12) 13 views

    RAP4's R&D Director Omar Macy talks about the current status of DMAG production. Stay up to date on our facebook page:

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    MK5 Ghost 01:40

    MK5 Ghost

    by RAP4com_USA (7/25/12) 11 views

    Check out the weapon of the week! Here's the product page:

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    Battle Belt 02:52

    Battle Belt

    by RAP4com_USA (7/24/12) 9 views

    Set to be in stock in September, we're excited to carry the USMG Battle Belt - an integral part of mag-fed battle rattle. Check out our facebook page for updates.

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    RAP4 @ Tropical Thunder 02:36

    RAP4 @ Tropical Thunder

    by RAP4com_USA (7/23/12) 3 views

    Check out the action from last weekend's battle @ Camp Pendleton, CA! Check out our latest events on our facebook page:

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    MKP Prowler 01:31

    MKP Prowler

    by RAP4com_USA (7/18/12) 10 views

    Check out this weapon of the week, built on a solid TACAMO MKP core:

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    MKV Remote Line 01:26

    MKV Remote Line

    by RAP4com_USA (7/18/12) 17 views

    Video on request from a customer who was curious how close the remote line would be to the pistol grip on his TACAMO MKV:

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    RAP4 Gear Inquiry 03:55

    RAP4 Gear Inquiry

    by RAP4com_USA (7/17/12) 3 views

    Video response to a customer's inquiry about where to mount his box mag. Check out the box mag pouch here:

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    DMAG Clamp 02:47

    DMAG Clamp

    by RAP4com_USA (7/16/12) 29 views

    Video on request from a customer who asked if the T68 Magazine clamps would work with the DMAG. Here's the product page:

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