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    World at War RealQuickReviews

    World at War RealQuickReviews

    by Real Quick Reviews (11/15/11) 5 views

    Write your own review at If you’re interested in the history of the 20th century you won’t want to miss World at War from Time Life. World at War is the definitive World War II documentary. This four DVD set contains previously unseen footage acquired from the libraries of 18 different countries. You’ll witness the personalities of the men who fought this war and the equipment they used to do it with. This documentary studies every major battle of the war including Stalingrad, I wo Jima, D-Day, and Japan. These DVDs present the most accurate and complete information on World War II from the perspective of the men who actually fought it.

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    Wonder Hanger RealQuickReviews 02:01

    Wonder Hanger RealQuickReviews

    by Real Quick Reviews (11/15/11) 21 views

    Write your own review at Do you know anybody who has enough closet space? Stop cramming in those garments and relieve that wrinkled clothes look with the Wonder Hanger. Hang both ends of the Wonder Hanger on the bar of your closet and you can hang five clothes hangers on the Wonder Hanger. Then drop one end of the Wonder Hanger and it hangs flat in your closet – five hangers full of garments in the space of one. You just gained five times the closet space in seconds with one Wonder Hanger. How about purses and coats? Of course, Wonder Hanger can hold up to 20 pounds.

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    TouchnBrush RealQuickReviews 01:50

    TouchnBrush RealQuickReviews

    by Real Quick Reviews (11/15/11) 3 views

    Write your own review at Brushing your teeth is important but it can be a wasteful mess. Toothpaste falls in the sink and it’s almost impossible to get it all out of the tube. That’s why Touch N Brush is such an important addition to your bathroom. Insert your toothbrush, press it against the Touch N Brush vacuum lever and the right amount of toothpaste is dispensed directly on top of your brush. The vacuum operated design draws every available drop of toothpaste out of the tube so there is no more waste. And you’ll never accidentally squeeze toothpaste into your sink again.

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    Total Pillow RealQuickReviews

    Total Pillow RealQuickReviews

    by Real Quick Reviews (11/15/11) 38 views

    Write your own review at Have you ever woken up in the morning with a pain in the neck or back? Most pillows do not give you the proper support and that can be a problem. Make sure you sleep properly with the Total Pillow. It’s called the Total Pillow because it does more than help you get a good night’s sleep. The unique Total Pillow design allows you to shape it and form it so it supports your head and neck while watching television, reading, or while flying in those previously uncomfortable airplane seats. Fold it, roll it or twist it – total pillow conforms to your needs.

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    Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree RealQuickReviews 03:08

    Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree RealQuickReviews

    by Real Quick Reviews (11/15/11) 105 views

    Write your own review at Growing your own tomatoes has never been easy. Even after you dig up the ground and sift out the weeds you have to keep staking and tying to keep your tomato plants growing straight. Growing tomatoes is so much easier when you turn your tomato garden on its head with the Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree. Complete with its own 5 foot tall stand, foot levelers, and greenhouse-quality grow bag the Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree solves all of your tomato growing problems at the same time. Because your tomato garden is now 5 feet in the air your tomatoes will grow downward with gravity eliminating the need for staking and tying. Grow any kind of tomatoes or other vegetables like cucumbers and squash even if you live in a condo.

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    Tomato Factory RealQuickReviews 02:01

    Tomato Factory RealQuickReviews

    by Real Quick Reviews (11/15/11) 38 views

    Write your own review at If you have ever started a tomato garden you know it can be a lot of work. Instead of digging and weeding, grow your own organic tomatoes with the Tomato Factory. The Tomato Factory is a 36″ x 18″ growing system that can grow up to three tomato plants at the same time. All you do is put in the dirt, the tomato seeds, and water – the sun does the rest. If you pay additional processing and handling the Tomato Factory will even send you three pre-planted tomato pots that go directly into your Tomato Factory. According to the Tomato Factory you can grow up to 50 pounds of tomatoes on each plant.

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    NoteBookBuffer RealQuickReviews 02:02

    NoteBookBuffer RealQuickReviews

    by Real Quick Reviews (11/15/11) 3 views

    Write your own review at If you have ever used your notebook computer on your lap, you know how hot it can get. The foldable, rollable, Notebook Buffer is constructed of specially woven advanced fibers that dissipate the heat from your notebook computer. The 15″ x 10.5″ Notebook Buffer acts as a ventilator and heat dissipater by maintaining its original thickness when you put your notebook computer on top of it. Put The Notebook Buffer on your lap and place your notebook computer on top of The Notebook Buffer to take the heat off your legs and keep your computer running cool. And it’s water resistant, so use The Notebook Buffer to protect your notebook computer from overheating or accidental spills on any surface.

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    Strap Perfect RealQuickReviews 01:53

    Strap Perfect RealQuickReviews

    by Real Quick Reviews (11/15/11) 34 views

    Write your own review at Bra straps showing from behind can detract from even the best look. Strap Perfect solves two common support problems at once. Clip Strap Perfect onto your bra straps, and your bra straps are instantly out of sight. Then, improve your profile and gain up to one cup size by simply sliding Strap Perfect up or down to adjust your bra support. Strap Perfect provides a custom look that you can wear under t-shirts, sweaters, blouses or dresses. Strap Perfect can eliminate the potential embarrassment of visible bra straps while improving your overall look and self-confidence. Each Strap Perfect kit includes 48 pieces of adhesive Style Tape to smooth hems, help lapels lay flat and keep your garments where you want them.

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    Snap on Feathers RealQuickReviews

    Snap on Feathers RealQuickReviews

    by Real Quick Reviews (11/15/11) 43 views

    Write your own review at Have you ever had a hard time thinking of a new way to dress up your hair? Change your look instantly with Snap-On-Feathers. Hair extensions and salon visits are costly and lock you into a specific look. Snap-On-Feathers come in an assortment of colors and can be arranged differently in your hair each time you wear them. A clip fastens Snap-On-Feathers to your hair instantly and keeps them secure wherever you place them. Now, when you want a different look just select a different Snap-On-Feathers from your collection and you’re ready for any occasion.

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    SliceoMatic RealQuickReviews 01:48

    SliceoMatic RealQuickReviews

    by Real Quick Reviews (11/15/11) 71 views

    Write your own review at What if I told you I found a secret to help cut your kitchen time in half preparing the perfect meal? Its called the Slice-O-Matic and you can easily prepare great tasting food in your home quickly giving you more family connection at mealtime. Easy glide handle lets you slice potatoes, onions, carrots and much more with ease. Adjust the dial in seconds to change your desired thickness of slices and your handy catch container keeps food contained with no mess. We all love to cook, but no one likes to clean. Using the Slice-O-Matic as simple as Step 1: removing food chute from main body by pressing the quick release tabs on each side. Step 2: carefully remove blades and rinse with water and Step 3: wash the main body and catch container in warm water. The thing that made me leery about the Slice-O-Matic was a ton of Important Safety Warnings that started out with to avoid serious injury. Close this, make sure this is locked, use extreme care and is not for children under the age of 10. This product is not for the novice or weekend chef. This is for someone who knows how to give the kitchen respect with all the dangerous items that can cause great harm.

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