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    Tough Man, Tender Blog 06:21

    Tough Man, Tender Blog

    by Real SMM (10/13/09) 21 views

    If you've watched what Area 224 considers to be the seminal moment in viral video history, you can learn from the three things this video did - and how you can make your own videos go viral. Maybe.

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    Real SMM Book Promo 1 02:11

    Real SMM Book Promo 1

    by Real SMM (10/13/09) 18 views

    How cool is it that Real SMM - Social Media Marketing for Real Estate - actually wrote a book? A real book, not just one of those eBook things. Here, Dave from Real SMM talks about the book and how you can get a copy.

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    Viral Video Intro 01:35

    Viral Video Intro

    by Real SMM (10/13/09) 157 views

    Dave from Area 224 intros a viral video - after the "jump" you can learn about the three tricks to going viral with your own videos.

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    Real SMM Promo 26 01:57

    Real SMM Promo 26

    by Real SMM (9/26/09) 60 views

    Real Estate Social Media Marketing - Real SMM - It's Sweeping the Planet, and Real SMM CEO Dave Van de Walle talks about the company's suite of tools and how they help Realtors

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    Real SMM Promo 5 01:59

    Real SMM Promo 5

    by Real SMM (9/26/09) 65 views

    Real SMM CEO Dave Van de Walle talks up the company's social media marketing tools for real estate executives.

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    Promo Sep 24 Toolkit 01:58

    Promo Sep 24 Toolkit

    by Real SMM (9/26/09) 56 views

    Real SMM has a Complete Real Estate Marketing toolkit available now, and it's changing the way Realtors and real estate professionals can market themselves.

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