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    The Penny Matrix and Reviews 04:31

    The Penny Matrix and Reviews

    by RedHat39 (6/6/13) 34 views Location: Hendersonville,TN 37075 Website: Business Hours: Mon - Fri 10am - 3pm CST, Sat & Sun Closed Phone: 615-822-2080 Primary Product/Service: Digital eBooks Club Through About is an online network marketing program that in reality is the backend recruitment facility for the eBook store or club. The parent company, World Light LLC is home based in Hendersonville TN just outside of Nashville TN. Penny Matrix (or PMeBooks) seems to be a startup company with just under 1000 subscribers, at this time of writing so far to the $7/month eBook subscription plan. Once someone joins the club they are setup with their own version of the eBook storefront that they can advertise to get other member signups under them. There is both a free level and a paid level membership. The free level awards the member one ebook per month to download. The paid level membership gives the member full access to download eBooks of their choice not the preselected one that free members get. The real advantage to being a paid member is the compensation plan for getting other paid members to join the membership under you. The basics of it are that the program is based on a matrix that is 14 levels deep which in a full matrix would be 16,386 people. The matrix member gets paid $0.30 for every member under them on all even numbered levels (2,4, and 14). A completely full matrix would earn the member just over $6500 monthly. There is also a "matching bonus" for any of your personal referrals in that for anyone you sponsored in (joined the membership under you) you get a 100% match of whatever they earn as well. One of the good things about Penny Matrix is that there are no qualifiers to get paid. In other words as long as you are an active (paid) member yourself then you will earn from any spillover your sponsor would give you. There are significant penalties however for letting you account lapse but the good news is that if that should happen you still get to keep your spot in the matrix. My overall opinion of PMeBooks or Penny Matrix rather is that being that it is run by a US based company it will be a much safer company to trust than some of the other same type of programs that are based in 3rd world countries. The pay plan is decent considering the low cost of entry. Since the entry level and monthly costs are so low (and there is a real product being sold) retention rate should be fairly high. This is an excellent program to use as a feeder into another primary business or networking opportunity. The reality is that this matrix and in all I've ever dealt with will probably never completely fill up so the $6500 per month is pretty much a pipe-dream. One could see and extra $100 - $1000 per month from this program easily with not much effort. This then would be great money to invest in your other more profitable businesses. I've heard it said before by some famous network marketer "Stop stepping over dollars to pick up pennies" and essentially being involved in Penny Matrix would be in the "pennies" category. But as I said if you are trying to introduce someone new to network marketing that wants a low entry barrier program then this is a good one. They can earn extra money quite easily and then be more than willing to follow you into your other programs.

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    GVO Conference Review 01:55

    GVO Conference Review

    by RedHat39 (9/28/10) 20 views GVO Conference is the successor to the previous HotConference product and has many new and improved features, but even better is that with the huge success of HotConference Joel has been able to purchase all of their own equipment and developed their own software for online webinars. By doing this the monthly costs have drastically been reduced. Read The Full GVO Conference Review Of All The Features and Benefits here:

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    Jobs For Elderly Who Want To Work After Retirement 02:06

    Jobs For Elderly Who Want To Work After Retirement

    by RedHat39 (8/5/10) 27 views Jobs For Elderly - Health experts agree that work after retirement and staying active can lead to living a healthier, happier, and fuller life. Jobs For Elderly - Options For Work After Retirement

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    The Christian Answer To How to Save My Marriage 01:52

    The Christian Answer To How to Save My Marriage

    by RedHat39 (7/24/10) 63 views As a Christian you must read this eBook and make it a part of your digital library. “Affairs in the Church” by E. Umana, will help to enhance marriages, save marriages and assist marriages that are in their infancy to become solid. This Christian based book was written for folks to learn to detect the indicators of cheating inside a Christian romantic relationship and the best way to include God within their marriage. If you're finding yourself searching for the answer to, how to save my marriage, then this was created for you.

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    Theres A Lot Of Talk About Cellulite Treatment 01:55

    Theres A Lot Of Talk About Cellulite Treatment

    by RedHat39 (7/24/10) 7 views Cellulite Talk offers details about Cellulite Treatments and removal. Being such a complicated matter that goes beyond just skin care or an easily implemented weight loss program, Cellulite Talk explains the how and why with treatment procedures. As it really is crucial to know that it is not just fat you're dealing with but your hormones as well. Cream treatment options alone aren't going to allow you to reach where you have to be hormonally. As a matter of fact just a diet plan or exercise alone will not help you either if they aren't the properly designed to your needs for Cellulite Removal.

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    Increase Productivity With Business Automation Software 01:29

    Increase Productivity With Business Automation Software

    by RedHat39 (7/22/10) 12 views Business professionals have learned for years that being in business is not going to free up your time but more than likely make your free time nonexistent. Micah and Mr. Q have developed Business Automation Software to handle the task of marketing your business and summed it up to the push of a button. Automated System Software puts you one step ahead of your competitors as it allows you or your virtual assistant to work as if you have an extra set of hands. For sole proprietors who have no employees, Automating Business With Software becomes a dream come true, as it allows them to achieve more without having to hire anyone. With this business automated software it will allow for those sole proprietors to eventually grow with the aid of automating their business.

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    Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus 01:54

    Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus

    by RedHat39 (7/21/10) 89 views

    Http://Www.Toenailfunguslaser.Net A toenail fungus cure can be found with laser treatment that is both painless and free of side effects. This is a claim that other prescription drugs on the market cannot make. There are many forms and types of toenail fungus treatments but laser treatment for toenail fungus is not only the most state of the art form of treatment but it is becoming the most popular choice on the market today.

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    My Mini-Funnel Video Marketing 01:49

    My Mini-Funnel Video Marketing "Sucks"

    by RedHat39 (11/25/08) 36 views

    See how even the simplest worst video can dramatically increase your website traffic as well as your opt-in leads, signups, and sales. My mini-funnel video marketing system "sucks" visitors right in and so can yours and it doesn't even have to be good...