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The oceans are dying. For story links and more info, visit *******www.rocketboom****/rb_08_nov_20/ Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • 21 Nov 2008
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Rocketboom field correspondent *******www.rocketboom****/field-correspondents/ Ruud Elmendorp ******* profiles Sharif Osman, a Mombasa *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Mombasa Camel Man or "beach boy" *******query.nytimes****/gst/fullpage.html?res=9F0DEEDD163BF930A35751C1A9649C8B63 whose business has been hurt by tourists' reluctance *******www.canada****/vancouversun/news/travel/story.html?id=e0ebd242-662c-4fcd-97cb-14c28f0be1ca to visit Kenya after recent post-election violence. ******* Previous Rocketboom coverage of the Kenyan election crisis *******www.rocketboom****/tag/kenyan-presidential-election/ Kenya in Crisis page from the Rocketboom wiki *******rocketboom.wikia****/wiki/Kenya More stories by Ruud Elmendorp *******www.rocketboom****/tag/ruud-elmendorp/
  • 6 Aug 2008
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On the red carpet of the 2008 Webby Awards *******www.webbyawards****/ with Seth Meyers *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Seth_Meyers of Saturday Night Live *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Saturday_Night_Live Ben Huh of *******www.benhuh****/ I Can Has Cheezburger *******icanhascheezburger****/ Ludacris *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Ludacris of WeMix**** *******wemix**** Shawn Hardin of Flock *******www.flock**** Will I Am *******www.dipdive****/ of the Black Eyed Peas *******www.blackeyedpeas****/ and Arianna Huffington *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Arianna_Huffington of the Huffington Post *******www.huffingtonpost****/
  • 18 Jun 2008
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Winners of the Webbys 2008 Online Film and Video Awards *******www.webbyawards****/webbys/current.php?media_id=97 Including interviews with Richter Scales
***********/user/TheRichterScales 30 Second Bunnies Theatre 
***********/user/starzmedia Tay Zonday 
*******youtube****/user/tayzonday DailyGreens
 ***********/user/DailyGreens Diggnation 
*******diggnation****/ Totally Rad Show *******totallyradshow****/ You Suck at Photoshop ***********/user/mydamnchannel 
Wainy Days *******www.mydamnchannel****/Wainy_Days/Season_2/20Molly_535.aspx See also, Webbys 2007 by Rocketboom *******www.rocketboom****/vlog/rb_07_jun_19
  • 13 Jun 2008
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Bathtime in Clerkenwell animation by Alex Budovsky *******www.figlimigliproductions****/ Music by The Real Tuesday Weld *******www.tuesdayweld**** Featuring Stephen Coates ttp://theclerkenwellkid.blogspot****/ Based on "Sweeter Then Shugar", by the Mills Brothers
  • 9 May 2008
  • 170
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Jason Scott *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Jason_Scott_Sadofsky of Textfiles *******textfiles****/ walks us through a history of online linguistics at ROFLCon 2008 *******roflcon**** Special appearance by Steve Garfield *******www.stevegarfield**** Music: Pives and Flarinet by Podington Bear. *******podingtonbear****/
  • 1 May 2008
  • 215
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Jacob Soboroff of Why Tuesday *******www.whytuesday**** Talks to computer security expert Ed Felten ******* of Princeton University ******* and Freedom-to-Tinker *******www.freedom-to-tinker**** on the state of electronic voting machines.
  • 11 Apr 2008
  • 86
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Potato *******www.npcspud****/ The Potato Song ***********/watch?v=6uLUVI3Y0q0 The United Nations declares 2008 International Year of the Potato *******www.un****/News/briefings/docs/2007/071018_Potato.doc.htm The World Potato Congress Incorporated Organization to meet in Christ Church New Zealand in 2009 *******www.potatocongress****/newsroom_detail.cfm?n_id=148 Rocketboom declares February 54th Day of The Potato *******www.rocketboom****/vlog/rb_08_mar_25
  • 25 Mar 2008
  • 235
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Happy Earth Day! *******www.earthday****
  • 2 Feb 2008
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A conversation with Joanne.
  • 28 Aug 2007
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