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    YouTube - Cobus - Angels & Airwaves - Heaven (Drum Cover) 06:19

    YouTube - Cobus - Angels & Airwaves - Heaven (Drum Cover)

    by Rowemartin2536 (1/5/11) 672 views

    download link: head over to the forum and tell everybody what you think of the video!) Just when you thought the debate between "Drum Cover" vs "Drum Remix" vs "Freestyle Drum Jam" couldn't get any more complicated or redundant.. I decided to bring out a video combining most of these.. multiple times :) I have always seen my videos as totally free forms of expression, way disconnected from what drums might have originally been recorded or what beats have been programmed. To be perfectly honest, I think that's what a "Drum Cover" is about, it's FREE. If you cover a song's drums note for note (which is a friggin ART just by itself, something that takes epic discipline.) i think it's fair to call it a "Drum Copy", or something of the like. Obviously you are super free to call it whatever you like, the words dont change the product anyway. But this video, which combined multiple layers of me drumming (in an almost instrusive way) is what "covering" a song is about for me. by conventional standards my rendition and interpretation of the drumming is INCREDIBLY overplayed, so much so that even Mr Mike Portnoy might nudge me in the side with an earnest "less is more" if he saw this :) but by my standards this was free, this was out-of-the box, and this was FUN. on SO many levels. and heck, that's more than enough for me. ~ Just as a sidenote (for the audio engineers and mixer who might be wondering) NO replacement or triggering was done in this mix. Every single stroke you hear was just eq'd, mixed, and compressed; I didn't layer or trigger or replace anything. ~ Angels & Airwaves - Heaven from the 2009 release "I-EMPIRE" is the copyrighted property of its owner(s).

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    YouTube - Fire God Mountain BUG 01:44

    YouTube - Fire God Mountain BUG

    by Rowemartin2536 (1/5/11) 38 views

    download link: Check out Treasure Isle's new map, Fire God Mountain. Instead of being rewarded for digging up everything, you are rewarded for digging the least. Find the only one treasure on each floor in the least amount of digs to win.

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    YouTube - Treasure Isle Fire God Mountain

    YouTube - Treasure Isle Fire God Mountain

    by Rowemartin2536 (1/5/11) 48 views

    download link: YouTube - Treasure Isle Fire God Mountain How many digs it will take ?? Lucky people = 55 or less, Semi lucky people = 65 or less, quarter lucky people = 75 or less, second round lucky people = 85 or less, First round lucky people = 100 or less, Hard working people( not qualified ) = More than 100, corrupted people = less than 30 ... this is the style of world cup football mania :Pp~

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    YouTube - Battlefield- Bad Company 2 PC Walkthough Trailer 02:59

    YouTube - Battlefield- Bad Company 2 PC Walkthough Trailer

    by Rowemartin2536 (1/5/11) 7 views

    download link: With a host of air and land vehicles and unparalleled destruction, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 delivers the ultimate all-out-war experience. In the PC Walkthrough Trailer, Producer Anders Gyllenberg gives an overview on the PC-specific features that PC gamers can look forward to on release.

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    YouTube - Facebook Treasure Isle--TIPS AND TRICKS-- To Get Un... 02:23

    YouTube - Facebook Treasure Isle--TIPS AND TRICKS-- To Get Un...

    by Rowemartin2536 (1/5/11) 36 views

    download link: Plant Watermelons Your home island will feature two small plots of farmable land when you first begin the game -- you'll have a choice of four different fruit seeds to plant. You'll get the best return on your time by planting Watermelons. We've been finding that we play Treasure Isle in very short bursts, using up all of our energy hunting for treasures in one go, replenishing with any fruit we found, and then depleting our energy again. Bear with us as we do a little rough math -- the energy cap starts off at 100 and increases only a little with each level. Since energy replenishes at 1 point every five minutes, it'll take just over eight hours to completely fill up again, which means in about eight hours, we can come back and have another short play session. And what do you know, Watermelons take eight hours to mature -- perfect. treasure isle tips and tricks 2. Ask friends for missing items in your collections This is crucial, moreso than in other Facebook games that you may play. In Mafia Wars, you can complete item collections by redo-ing the same tier of missions that grant those items until you finally complete the set. In Treasure Isle, you can't return to an island once you've dug/searched every grid -- this means that if you weren't lucky enough to complete the Hulu Outfit set on Guarded Shores, you won't be able to find those items yourself. Luckily you can list up to six items at once in your Wish List and ask friends to send you any extras they may find on their treasure hunts. Complete collections yield a massive amount of gold coins, so they're well worth the time invested in tracking down each item. treasure isle gems 3. Don't buy trees/plants or gems in the store Unlike trees in Farmville, Treasure Isle's store-bought trees don't produce any goods, experience points or money. They're purely for decoration. The trees that *are* important are the Gem trees that you'll find on your and your friends' islands. There is one per island, and the color gem that it bears is automatically decided for you when you first start playing Treasure Isle. Make sure you visit your friends' islands frequently to harvest gems, especially if theirs produces a different color gem than yours. You'll need an assortment of them to open gem gates later on in the game. 4. Buy tools as soon as you can You'll find the Machete, Pickaxe, Dynamite and Bug Spray items in the 'Tools' section of the Store. While you're likely to be prompted to purchase each tool as you need them (Machete is needed to search for treasure in trees, for example), having them on hand boosts the chance that you'll find fruit or additional gold during the course of treasure hunting. treasure isle complete islands 5. Get 100% on each island This should be a no-brainer, but in the event that you end up finding all of the treasures on each island before actually searching each grid -- don't stop! You'll get a major experience/gold bonus for completing the island itself, not to mention those last spots may hide fruits and other gold stashes. Energy points replenish eventually, so you have nothing to really lose by digging on those last few spots. 6. Add friends early and often. We're not huge proponents of spamming non-gaming friends with invites/gift requests but in this case, having an extra friend around may mean more than just a handful of additional coins each day. Since, as mentioned earlier, each friend will be assigned a Gem tree, you'll be dependent on them to provide you the necessary Gems to unlock certain areas of later islands (unless of course you want to shell out real currency to purchase Gem packs). And of course, there's also the added bonus of XP and coins just for visiting daily.

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    YouTube - Facebook Leaked Treasure Isle Bible! (Treasure Isle... 01:03

    YouTube - Facebook Leaked Treasure Isle Bible! (Treasure Isle...

    by Rowemartin2536 (1/5/11) 15 views

    download link: This is a Youtube Video that is all about Make Money Using funny Extremely funny Easy Ways To Make Extra Money Online Make Money Using MySpace. 10 Ways to Make Money with MySpace Make Money on MySpace Make Money with Facebook great resource to make money with MySpace, Facebook, and other social Videos: MySpace Videos. How to Make Money Online using YouTube and Myspace Youtube Video (web 2.0) Get your free report here Now y

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    YouTube - Battlefield Bad Company 2 PSA 01:40

    YouTube - Battlefield Bad Company 2 PSA

    by Rowemartin2536 (1/5/11) 48 views

    download link: This all new trailer for the award-winning Battlefield: Bad Company 2 features the World Champion Pitcher from the New York Yankees, CC Sabathia. Grenade spam affects more than 2,000,000 people worldwide everyday. This very special public service message from star pitcher CC Sabathia, with the help of the caring scientists of DICE and Battlefield Bad Company 2, reveals the miracle cure.

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