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    Hellmouth 04:59


    by Rudeboy Stu (10/28/06) 1,635 views

    This video project records a highly enjoyable and rewarding Horror Role Playing Game I created with the help of my friends Gareth and Natasha. From June 2005 to February 2006 we played this game - which I called 'Hellmouth' (mainly due to Buffy) which told the story of Daniel Ketch, played by Gareth and Layla Van Der Graaf, played by Natasha who had a series of bizarre and horrific things happen to them because they'd moved to a small town called Springwood (which was the Hellmouth) I made this video of character pictures and player handouts (newspaper articles, missing persons milk cartons etc) The video documents my memories of the five stories the three of us created. All in all it lasted about 46 sessions. I've been playing Role Playing Games since the Basic D&D red box edition and this was my favourite game I ever ran. I hope you enjoy this very personal project.

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    Good Taste 03:22

    Good Taste

    by Rudeboy Stu (10/16/06) 323,924 views

    Compilation of clips - not really any point to them. If you want to See Kylie snogging Geri Halliwell (ex Spice Girl) this clip can be yours for the low low price of absolutely nothing. Music by The Cramps

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