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The annual LUMS film festival, which has received the recognition of being the second largest film festival in Pakistan, invites different students from all over the country and abroad to speak their minds through the most celebrated form of media. Attracting entries from all around the Asian region, this festival provides the amateur film makers the perfect platform to showcase their film making skills. Apart from that, this event also catches the attention of popular names from the film and media industry who share their knowledge with the participants in the form of workshops, seminars and group discussions. The aim of FiLUMS is to promote the art of cinema and film making in Pakistan. It serves as an important platform for the youth, upcoming film makers and enthusiasts to showcase their talent and come together to celebrate their passion. FiLUMS has grown each year with the number of amateur entries increasing every year. It has screened more than a total of 500 entries in its first four editions, along with bringing smashing hits to the Pakistani audience in its red carpet Premieres. Over the years, these premieres have grown in profile in terms of the stars attending these premieres. FiLUMS 2010 saw the high-profiled, star-studded premiere of Kashf. Prominent names of the industry, including Shaan, Rashid Naz, Ali Zafar and Abrar-ul-Haq attended this premiere. The other premiere was of the Official BAFTA selection, Made in Pakistan which also attracted a large number of audience and prominent people across the film industry. In addition to this, a panel discussion on the state of cinema in Pakistan was held with esteemed names as Omar Khan, Marius Holden, Adil Sher, Nasir Khan, Samar Minallah and Imtiaz Rana in attendance. The premieres are done in collaboration with different production houses including Talking Filmein, Indus Valley Productions and Alliance France. Other prominent premieres done at FiLUMS in the past include: Zibahkhana, A horror movie by Mr. Omar Khan Shanu Taxi, A short film by the acclaimed Indian director Mr. Vasantnath Zinda Lash, Pakistan's first horror film. www.filums****.pk
  • 24 Sep 2010
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LMA – who hasn't heard of it? The LUMS Media Arts Society, undoubtedly one of the largest and most happening societies at LUMS, inspires all those who recognize the ever growing importance of media as a powerful channel for human expression. LMA is dedicated to creating, producing and promoting all forms of media amongst students. Through varied media ventures related to photography and film making, this society fosters excellence in creative expression, aesthetic appreciation and practical incorporation of media.The event that LMA organizes and holds are geared towards understanding the importance of media and server as outlets for innovative and productive activities. The main events are FiLUMS, the annual All Pakistan short film festival; Olympiad, manifold event celebrating art and media; and Film Realm, a short film, photography and photo essay competition. Not only are these events attended by the leading universities and schools of the country and many talented individuals, but they also receive immense media coverage and celebrity attention.
  • 10 Sep 2010
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Directed & Edited by Saad Salman Malik Screenplay & Script by Zeeshan Anwar & Eisar Haider Original Soundtrack by Zain Saeed Cast: Zeeshan Anwar Eisar Haider Anzak Aleem Zain Saeed
  • 30 Nov 2009
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A Commentary on the Lack of Civic Sense. This documentary was made for the Dawn Mini-Documentary Competition... Directed & Edited By: Saad Salman Malik Narrated By: Athar Ejaz Research: Saad Salman Malik, M. Haris Usmani, Fawwad Ahmed, Fazail Aslam, Irtaza Ali Concept & Sound: M. Haris Usmani Written By: Asad Khalid, Fazail Aslam
  • 12 Feb 2010
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Song: How to Save a Life (Cover) Band: Project JT DOP: Saad Salman Malik Edited By: Saad Salman Malik Sound: M. Haris Usmani Vocals & Rhythm: M. Haris Usmani Lead: Ahmed Kazim aka Baba Bass: Fahad Anjum Drums: Shan Tahir
  • 1 Jul 2008
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a short, somewhat funny clip, which i made some time ago.... a 'killer' tries to attack a sleeping guy, but is attacked himself... enjoy :D
  • 3 Jun 2008
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we made this film for the 'Speed Filming' Category in the LUMS Olympiad
  • 20 Dec 2009
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Contech International, a public health consulting firm, is funding Zahanat Foundation for their project, 'Toys for Development', in the village of Ram Thaman near Kasur. I made this documentary for the launching ceremony of the project. Saad Salman Malik
  • 31 May 2008
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