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It seems the viewers are feeling difficulty in watching. Please, regret me. I am posting the step-by-step instructions here, so that you can easily follow the video 1) Enter into BIOS Settings of your PC. You can achieve this by pressing F1 or DEL for some key. 2) Enter into Advanced Settings tab from the top Navigation Tab. 3) Then, select After AC Power Failure to Power On. 4) Save Changes and Exit. Thats all now the PC will boot when ever you switch on AC power for PC. Hope this would help. Please leave comments if you still need information. This tweak is very useful for PCs and Servers running always. For instance if the AC Power goes off while the PC is running, the PC will boot automatically after the AC Power comes. Note: here, AC Power will be same as UPS Power.
  • 18 Dec 2007
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