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    Quantum Healing - Introductory Talk By Dr. Sandeep Bhasin 04:47

    Quantum Healing - Introductory Talk By Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

    by Sandeep Bhasin (5/6/12) 25 views

    Our bodies ultimately are domains of information, intelligence and energy. The very fact that our body is an assembled mass of molecules implies that we are energetic entities. Further, quantum physics discovered in the last decades that every particle of matter is associated with interaction and resonance quanta (parcels of energy) at a ratio of about 1 nucleon to 1 billion quanta. The quanta exhibit specific patterns and are susceptible to resonance. These subtle energetic configurations (bodies) can be disturbed causing unwellness and pain. Therefore, the body is a quantum mechanical device and Quantum Healing is healing the bodymind from a quantum level. That means from a level, which is not manifest at a sensory level. Quantum Depth Healing involves a shift in the areas of energy information, so as to bring about a reconstruction in an idea that has gone wrong. So quantum healing involves healing one mode of consciousness "the mind" to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness "the body". Another important point in quantum biology is that consciousness is not consolidated or focused in any one particular place. Each thought, feeling, desire, attitude, instinct, or drive you have affects your nervous system through all it`s organs and tissues by a group of chemicals called neuropeptides in the brain. Each thought, feeling, desire, attitude, instinct, or drive you have affects your nervous system by means of these specific messenger units. When scientists investigated immune system cells and t-cells that protect us from cancer and infection, they found that receptors to these same neuropeptides exist in the immune system cells and t-cells. Under emotional distress, the brain may signal the adrenal glands to produce chemicals called corticosteroids, hormones that weaken the immune response. Cancer-related processes are accelerated in the presence of these chemicals as well as other stress hormones like prolactin. Certain cancers have also been associated with distressing life events. In one study, the risk of developing breast cancer was five times higher if the woman had experienced an important emotional loss in the six years prior to the discovery of the tumour. Since the unconscious mind is the controlling intelligence in the body, it is the connection between the mind and the immune system and the unconscious mind can communicate with any part of the body and can stimulate the healing process. Negative and trapped emotions as well as limiting decisions and beliefs connected to past memories trapped in the body are not beneficial to health and can start illness or impede getting well, and that is why we must release them! Many mental, emotional and physical diseases are preceded by a significant negative emotional experience (SEE). Significant emotional experience is any major, highly charged emotional event. However, we might not be fully aware of the significance or gravity of a particular event in the past and its effect on us now. These experiences have the potential to create and often are the source of illness and diminish the quality of life because they are stored in the body and are harmful. These trapped emotions in the body can create obstructions that can impede the flow of nerve information through the neural network pathways and lead to all sorts of problems. Cancer is a disease that scares us the most and is one of the world`s biggest killers. Cancer first begins when one or more of the billions of cells in our body breaks free from it`s normal restraints and starts to multiply in an abnormal, uncontrolled way. This can happen to almost any type of body cell -- bone, skin, blood and so on -- so there are many types of cancer as there are different cells in the body -- about 200. Growth of abnormal cells fall into two broad groups. First are the oncogenes, mutated versions of healthy genes that normally stimulate cell division but, in this instance, become overactive so cell production runs out of control. Secondly, there are mutations that inactivate the tumour-suppresser genes that normally inhibit cell growth.

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    Healing the Body With Energy, Quantum Healing by Sandeep Bhasin 10:14

    Healing the Body With Energy, Quantum Healing by Sandeep Bhasin

    by Sandeep Bhasin (5/6/12) 12 views

    We have synthesized quantum theory with Eastern philosophy in order to explain human life. Our mission is to popularize, educate, and do further research on this synthesis so that people can live a better physical, mental and spiritual life. World Society is now in an era where the most vibrant and the most destructive forces lie in our ability to manipulate atoms and molecules at will. Knowledge of the quantum theory that governs the behavior of atoms and molecules is known to a very educated person. It is essential that every educated person understand the philosophy of quantum theory to not feel helpless, and to realize you control your own destiny.