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*******www.facebook****/secretpictures It seams so simple: "super" and "bowl", but when you put those two words together, it becomes property of the NFL. (We're thinking of trademarking "Bad Cabbage".) Since we couldn't afford to buy the rights to say those two words in combination, we had to censor this video to avoid a huge lawsuit. Bear with us, but we think it still makes sense. And don't forget to tune in tomorrow for our "Big Game" episode!
  • 5 Feb 2012
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*******www.facebook****/secretpictures What better way to train for the Superb... I mean, "Wonderful dish that holds soup" than to have cookies thrown at you. Get your head in the game, stretch out your arm and prepare your stomach for some delicious snacks. This is how real men get ready for SB Sunday!
  • 5 Feb 2012
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The upcoming episode of "Cory on the Radio" is chock full of information AND nutrients! Tune in Sunday during that sporting event we can't name because we didn't feel like shelling out for the license! It's "The S_______L Party"!!!
  • 5 Feb 2012
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Sunday, Feb. 5, take a break from the big sporting event we can't name because it's trademarked and all uses must be licensed and tune into a special episode of Cory on the Radio! It's going to get intense!
  • 5 Feb 2012
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We may not have submitted this to the Doritos "Super Mario + Bowl of Chili - Mario of Chili, but here it is for your viewing enjoyment. Be sure to skip the lame halftime show and spend that ten minutes with us on Sunday 2-5-12! If you like the track, go like our homies Watching the Trainwreck and purchase some lathe-cut vinyls from them. *******www.facebook****/watchingthetrainwreck
  • 3 Feb 2012
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The Secret Pictures news staff had a chance to sit down with local rapper Lil Yung Boi. At times mildly funny, at others utterly depressing, this interview may be the last time fans hear from Lil Yung Boi. His hit single "Worst of the Worst" is available here: *******www.cdbaby****/cd/lilyungboi
  • 15 Jan 2012
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Secret Pictures produced this music video for up-and-coming rap star Lil Yung Boi. Since his mom took away his internet, we had to post it for him, but he sent this message: "This video is everything you will see when you die. It is the white light that cascades over your soul as you enter into Heaven. Thank me for showing you the glory of what is and will always be by downloading my song." Download the song at: *******www.cdbaby****/cd/lilyungboi Our interview with the star is here: ******* Check out the Secret Pictures Facebook: *******www.facebook****/secretpictures
  • 14 Jan 2012
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Bitten with a desire to kill. Flesh turned fur. Man now beast. And he's got a gun. *******www.facebook****/secretpictures
  • 20 Oct 2011
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Mistaken for a terrorist, Holden (and the camera) gets kidnapped on the Fourth of July. It's up to Cory to find and save him from some true, but misguided, American patriots. Click HD for the full fire! LINKS TO CLICK: *******www.twitter****/coryontheradio *******www.facebook****/watchingthetrainwreck *******www.facebook****/secretpictures *******www.horsetheband****
  • 9 Jul 2011
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The hottest DJ in the Tri-city area is comin' at you with the hottest reality show on the net! In this episode, Cory is left to fend for himself after the toilet paper runs out at work. Sure Holden, the camera man, could grab a role, but then it wouldn't be reality . . . www.twitter****/coryontheradio www.facebook****/watchingthetrainwreck www.facebook****/secretpictures
  • 5 Apr 2011
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