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    The Power Of Boredom 01:45

    The Power Of Boredom

    by Seraph2020 (12/20/07) 777 views

    This is a little video that I threw together because, well i was bored. Enjoy. If you like this then check out more at

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    Raisens Video 02:53

    Raisens Video

    by Seraph2020 (12/8/07) 145 views

    This is my first video ever I did this a while ago when I was new and testing video music visual arts waters. Hope you enjoy. If you like the check out more here

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    Now Enter The Fish 01:09

    Now Enter The Fish

    by Seraph2020 (12/6/07) 195 views

    This is a little video that I threw together testing some animation grounds. Hope you enjoy, if so then go to for more.

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    Man And Bear

    Man And Bear

    by Seraph2020 (11/30/07) 252 views

    This is a little something that me and a friend of mine threw together. Hope you enjoy. Check out more on

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    Darvacet Night 02:25

    Darvacet Night

    by Seraph2020 (11/30/07) 1,741 views

    This is a song that I did some time ago, it was one of my first videos. Hopefully there will be more to come in this area soon. I am planning on working on something more like this sometime soon. check out more of my videos at

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    Heart Full Of Trees 01:09

    Heart Full Of Trees

    by Seraph2020 (11/30/07) 285 views

    This is a little something that I did the other day, a friend of mine gave me the idea and I kind of ran with it. check out more at

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    The Stakeout

    The Stakeout

    by Seraph2020 (11/21/07) 114 views

    This is something that a friend of mine and myself were laughing at one day and I decided to do a video of it.

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    Coin Cinema 01:37

    Coin Cinema

    by Seraph2020 (11/21/07) 94 views

    This is something that I did one day becasue I got bored. It's amazing what you can do with a bucket of change, a few hours of free time, and a digital camera. Also please check out my other videos on YouTube.

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