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    AvV- Goku

    AvV- Goku

    by Sevensquared (6/26/13) 19 views

    Goku is a melee fighter who focuses on Critical Strikes using his Spirit Bomb to poke and his Warp Kamehameha to push away unwanted enemies.

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    AvV- Fox McCloud

    AvV- Fox McCloud

    by Sevensquared (6/21/13) 12 views

    Fox is a ranged mage who repositions himself with his firefox or uses it for damage and absorbs incoming damage with his barrier. The sound you hear in the end is Fox Ultimate line.

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    AvV- Ichigo Kurosaki 05:43

    AvV- Ichigo Kurosaki

    by Sevensquared (6/18/13) 14 views

    Ichigo is focused around his hollow powers during the Hueco Mundo Arc, he can close the distance between him and an Enemy and deal alot of damage with his Getsuga Tensho.

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    AvV- Mario 05:24

    AvV- Mario

    by Sevensquared (8/22/12) 18 views

    Mario is an intiating tank. I will write down here what i said about him in the video: The first spell you see is Swing, mario grabs an enemy spins around, dealing damage to all enemies hit by the initial target ,and then throws him away, dealing damage to him. The second spell is Mushroom, it increases his Movementspeed for 10 seconds and then decreases it for 3. The third spell is fireball, it deals damage per second. While the damage doesn't rise by putting a point in it, the duration is increased. His Ultimate ability is Power Star. Upon activating Mario gets increased Defensive stats and also kicks all enemies he touches in the air, dealing low damage.

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    AvV- Gokudera Hayato 04:15

    AvV- Gokudera Hayato

    by Sevensquared (6/3/12) 18 views

    This is Gokudera Hayato, a Hero for the anime Side. He has a strong arsenal of damage spells and uses his Sistema C.I.A together with his bombs for a huge bonus point in Utility.

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    AvV- Cloud Strife 03:37

    AvV- Cloud Strife

    by Sevensquared (6/2/12) 85 views

    This is Cloud Strife a hero for my map on the Game- Side. He is a Mage that uses the special debuff "Lock" to disable himself and enemies.

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    AvV- Auron 04:54

    AvV- Auron

    by Sevensquared (6/2/12) 21 views

    This is another hero for the gaming site of the map, Auron from FFX. He is a tank, that succeds at engaging.

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