Congress, Press, Society Just Does Not Understand Sexting, Digital Disease Or How To Deal With These Issues Effectively! Sexting, Sextcasting and Cyber Bullying as well as future Digital Disease cannot be dealt with through standard 20th century reactionary procedures. How many lives have already been ruined as we only now have Congress introducing legislation for reaction based education? Is this how we will deal with all future digital issues as well? The impact of these issues on our digital generation can be diminished and proactively treated through the communication and understanding of Responsibility 2.1C or 21st Century Responsibility. We as a nation need to provide direct proactive communication of Digital Responsibility (Responsibility 2.1C) to a new generation. We cannot be reactionary treating todays digital issues, and we cannot resolve them with 20th century threats, reprimand and curriculum. The real problem is our youth has grown up learning what we call responsibility 1.0 or offline responsibility. They do not understand the scope of the repercussions when they invoke poor (digital) judgment because they have not been proactively taught digital responsibility or what we call, Responsibility 2.1C. We cannot apply 20th century solutions to 21st century issues.
  • 18 Jul 2009
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