Tu Hi Meri Raate by Evolution Studios Valentine Special 2011 Hindi Lyrics written by Soeradj Hira, Music Played and Arranged By Shafir Barsatie - Evolution English Vocals by Shifayet Barsatie, Chorus by Shafir and Shifayet Barsatie, Hindi Vocals by Soeradj Hira, Music Edited in Evolution Studios Evolution Band: Soeradj Hira, Rishi Hira, Rohit Hira, Shafir Barsatie, Shifayet Barsatie
  • 10 Jan 2011
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Tu Hi Meri Raate, Tu Hi Mere Raate, Tu Hi Mere Shubha Valentine for 2011 is coming, this special hindi lyrics written by Soeradj Hira from Evolution, Music arranged by Shafir Barsatie, English vocal by Shifayet Barsatie and chorus by Shafir & Shifayet Barsatie. Special edition for the lovers. 2011 Valentine Soul, Soon Bhaitak Ghana by S. Hira. Rishi Hira Drums, Keys Shafir Barsatie, Vocals Shifayet Barsatie, Soeradj Hira, Shafir Barsatie, Rishi Hira, Drums Rohit Hira. Recorded In Evolution Studios. More To Come.
  • 8 Jan 2011
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