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    Baby I Try for You - Tim Sweeney 02:15

    Baby I Try for You - Tim Sweeney

    by Shoot16mm (6/13/13) 3 views

    The background of the song relates to my son (the little kid in the pumpkin suit in the video), who was born with Down Syndrome and Autism and never developed the ability to talk. When he was a baby and for many years after, he had difficulty sleeping so I would sing him to sleep (which is how I started signing). He liked "Home on the Range" and then I started making up my own songs to sing to him. Unfortunately, because of the extent of his disabilities, he has never developed the ability to talk or use sign language. He also requires a great deal of care. Like other parents, we always wanted him to say mom or dad or I love you, and one night I was thinking about that, and he inspired me to write this song, "Baby I Try For You" which is really him trying to tell his mom how much he loves her for all the care she gives him. It also was a promise from me to him that I would try for him - so Baby I try for You has two meanings in the song. Now sometimes songs take days or weeks to write, but I literally just sang this song to him and it took less than 30 minutes. I never even wrote it down for years but sang it to him every night. Then I wrote it down and threw it in a drawer with other songs I had written down. When I decided to record the song and do the video, I had been watching American Sign Language videos on Youtube and really loved the interpretation and beauty of that language. So the sign language adds an element of beauty and artistic expression. It also imparts a greater meaning to the video that I came to understand about people and life - too often people look at people for what they can't do, and he has taught me that the only important thing is to focus on what people can do. People have different abilities not necessarily disabilities and success is not necessarily how much you accomplish in life but how and what you can inspire others to accomplish. With this song and video, I am trying to get that message out and at the same time show people that my son can have great success, not in only what he does but what he can inspire in others. ISRC# QMNPR1200004 BMI Work# 15186991 BMI IPI# 182251877

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    Americana Gold - Rick Patin 01:06

    Americana Gold - Rick Patin

    by Shoot16mm (6/13/13) 3 views

    This is a modern Pop/Country video about being with someone special and taking that epic road trip across the country. It is about so many freedoms we may take for granted.

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    Joyride - Holly Lynn 03:15

    Joyride - Holly Lynn

    by Shoot16mm (6/13/13) 0 views

    SeaWaveMusic's inspirational country artist Holly Lynn's new music video, "JOYRIDE" (Storie/Weeks/White) Wonderfully uplifting video about being thankful for your life and that celebrating all that has been given to you.

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    Ghost Town - The Coleman Brothers 04:03

    Ghost Town - The Coleman Brothers

    by Shoot16mm (1/11/13) 4 views - Houston, Texas (August 27th, 2012) -The Coleman Brothers are pleased to announce the release of "Ghost Town," their first radio single from the new album "Keepin It Reel". The track is now available on digital platform via CDX 552, Airplay Access, Cd-Tex, ITunes and CD Baby. Alan Young (Los Angeles, Calif.) and Buddy King are spearheading the radio promotion campaign. Jason Mclelland & Mandy Moore have taken on the PR. The Coleman Brothers, made up of Greg, Denny Coleman and longtime family friend Don Hutchko, felt a calling to re-record "Ghost Town" . Written by Jay Cooper & David Erik. The song was released on August 13th 2012 and going for official adds on September 1rst 2012. Alan Young has been working closely with this band since the first radio release in 2010 & will be promoting this single to worldwide radio. "We feel that, we wanted to show fans that the country music we grew up with can be as powerful as music today" said Greg Coleman. "This song takes you back to a time when things were much simpler & that's what this album is all about". Although "Keepin It Reel" pinpoints traditional country, It mixes todays new music style with yesterdays feel. Radio has taken quickly to the single and it is already seeing chart action as the 5th most downloaded NMW song, although official add date isn't until Sept 1rst. The Coleman Brothers' "Ghost Town" is currently airing on more than 22 terrestrial and Internet stations across the globe and is occupying the #1 spot on NMW Most Added song chart . "Ghost Town" is The Coleman Brothers fourth radio release since 2010. Previous releases like "Back on the Farm" "Beer Thirty" & "Tribute to a Firefighter" have seen chart action as high as number 1 on NMW, #1 on Cashbox Magazine chart & 67 on Music Row as well as mid-range numbers on Texas Music Charts. Their debut album, Back on the Farm, was released in 2009, followed in 2011 by their sophomore effort, Down by the Fishing Hole. Last year The group was nominated for Breakthrough Artist Of The year along with Group of the Year, NMW awards. The band of brothers has toured with legends such as Willie Nelson, Ray Price and Louise Mandrell.

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    Dream On Savannah - Joanna Mosca 02:58

    Dream On Savannah - Joanna Mosca

    by Shoot16mm (11/1/12) 2 views

    Amazing video from an incredible Country artist. This is a story about a girl named Savannah who doesn't let what other people think of her stop her from achieving her dream of being on stage. This is a very empowering video that should be seen and shared with children, teens and adults.

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    Saturday Night - Jetset Getset 02:42

    Saturday Night - Jetset Getset

    by Shoot16mm (11/1/12) 2 views

    Jetset Getset is an incredible trio that is made up of Tori Little, age 15, and her partners, 15-year-old Sadie Loveland and 14-year-old Avery Eliason. The video was directed by Hollywood director/producer David Heavener. Jetset Getset's CD, "Saturday Night" was released in October of 2012 on Playback Records, owned by Nashville music industry veteran Jack Gale.

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    Lizzie Sider - EPK 02:21

    Lizzie Sider - EPK

    by Shoot16mm (10/2/12) 1 views - Lizzie is a 14 year old country pop singer – songwriter and is quickly gaining the attention and respect of the music industry. Her music and singing attracts people of all ages. But, her messages and songs are especially appealing to tweens, teenagers and their parents. The songs that she writes come from her personal experiences. Its music that touches people and takes them back to what they may have experienced in a similar situation. She is a devoted and passionate country singer/songwriter. In high school, in Boca Raton, FL, Lizzie is involved in drama, dance and chorus. Outside of school, she keeps busy with her daily practice of guitar, piano, singing, and songwriting, always working to become a better musician in pursuit of her dreams. Sometimes people ask how Lizzie, a native south Floridian, can be a genuine “country girl”. Well, Lizzie also grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where she has spent the greater part of each summer since she was born. Jackson is not much different, in many ways, than any other small town in rural America. Lizzie grew up working with and looking up to the actors and actresses at the Jackson Hole Playhouse, a small community musical theater, with a western flare. At a young age, she participated in children’s shows at that theater and then started working at the concessions stand. She moved from there to being in the pre-show and then the main show, as well as the daily western style “town shoot- out” that was reenacted every night on the town square for all of the visitors coming through town. Thus, it was in Jackson Hole that music and theater got into Lizzie’s heart and soul. When Lizzie is not in Florida or Wyoming, she’s in Nashville, TN writing and performing and honing her craft. Lizzie has written and recorded in Nashville with Liz Rose, Keith Follese, Jamie O’Neal, Jane Bach, Jeff Silvey and Liz Hengber, as well as other respected writers. She has recently been accepted to play at a writer’s night at the Bluebird, for early 2013. She has performed in Nashville at the Hard Rock, the Commodore, the Bluebird Café, the Hotel Indigo, the Renaissance Hotel, and numerous other writers’ nights and venues. She has opened for country singer-songwriter, Jamie O’Neal and is scheduled to open for Big & Rich in November of this year. She has also performed the National Anthem at more than a dozen Major League sporting events. In September of 2012, Lizzie performed at the Couture Fashion Week show at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, where she performed her current single, “Butterfly” as she walked around the catwalk in front of hundreds of fashion industry executives, celebrities and press. When asked where she sees her career going, Lizzie has responded, “With my talents, I want to bring joy to people, encouraging them to emotionally connect as they enjoy themselves. As my career advances, I’m in constant amazement at how incredible this journey is, how supportive the people I’ve come across are, and of all the wonderful opportunities I’ve been given. Writing and recording in Nashville was a dream come true, and I’m so excited about what else is in store for me. I’m so very thankful to everyone who has supported me and believed in me along the way! I’m only just getting started, so I hope you will follow along with me on this truly fantastic journey.”

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    Butterfly - Lizzie Sider

    Butterfly - Lizzie Sider

    by Shoot16mm (10/2/12) 5 views - THE STORY BEHIND MY SONG, “BUTTERFLY” Bullying is a huge problem right now. Whether it's verbally or physically, many kids are getting affected one way or another. I went through it to some degree when I was in elementary school. During that time, some of the kids were mean… really mean to me. I was different. I was more mature and acted older and talked like I was older. And, for example, I loved to sing. I was excluded from games and playing at recess. I would always be singing. Sometimes, to tease me, the kids, at recess, would come up to me and ask me to sing for them. So, I would sing. And then they would run away and make fun of me. Many days I came home crying. Finally, one day my dad said to me, "Nobody has the power to ruin your day." He said it a few more times. I took that statement to heart. Finally, I began to understand what my dad meant. I started to find the strength to be proud of myself and to overcome the teasing. Then, I wrote a song about my experience; about finding the strength to rise above the teasing and the nasty behavior. And now, I hope that my Butterfly song will inspire other kids that have been knocked down, to listen to this song and that it will help give them the courage and the strength to rise up and to overcome whatever mistreatment or misfortune they have experienced.

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    Good People - Danny Allen 03:02

    Good People - Danny Allen

    by Shoot16mm (10/2/12) 0 views - This video is about the demise of Small Town, USA. To Danny Allen, dirt roads, fishing holes, family, friends, good times and country music represent more than just a way to pass the time, they represent a way of life... A deep-rooted passion, backed by years of country living and time on the stage has provided Danny a way to bridge the gap between real life and the music industry. Raised by his grandparents in Columbus, Georgia, Danny was instilled with moral values from a young age. His grandfather was a mentor to young Danny, taking him hunting and fishing and teaching him what it meant to be a man. His grandmother, a skilled pianist and singer, graced the weekly church congregation with her angelic vocals. Admiring his grandmother’s passion and drive, Danny soon found himself immersed in learning the vocal craft. It wasn’t long before he was singing at church, performing his first song in front of an audience at the age of seven. Earning applause for doing something he loved gave the youngster a new outlook on what life could hold for him. “If you can see yourself doing it, you can do it. You just have to decide to put your heart and soul into it.” ~~Danny Allen

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    Do You Love Me - Herrick 03:47

    Do You Love Me - Herrick

    by Shoot16mm (10/2/12) 5 views - With intricate harmonies and a distinctive sound that combines the best of folk, rock, blues and country, Herrick shatters the current country music mold and creates a new path for it to follow. A true One-Of-A-Kind Band. While other independent artists sit in the shadows, waiting for their "big break", Herrick is out there working... Herrick has already seen things that most artists could only dream of. They have performed everywhere from the Bamajam Music Festival to The Grand Ole Opry. And surprisingly, they have done all of this with no record deal. Formed in Spokane Washington, this four-piece is no overnight sensation. Over the many years together they have written their own music, including the new single, "Do You Love Me", literally playing thousands of shows all across America. As Herrick's reputation spreads, great opportunities keep rolling in. From clubs to arenas, Herrick have already been selected to open for acts like, Kenny Chesney, Hank Williams Jr., Zac Brown Band, Miranda Lambert, to name a few. And that's just the beginning. The band is serious about its ability to perform live. "Everyone in our band is able to burn his instrument down to the ground, "notes Donna, matter-of-factly."We are blessed to have such strong musicianship. These guys are not just my best friends, but also top notch musicians." "We are all serious about giving all our energy to our fans." Herrick is comprised of, Donna (Mandolin/Lead vocals), Kerry Herrick (Bass/ Vocals), Zach Ballard (Drums/ Percussion), and Jefferson Rogers (Lead Guitar/ Lap Steel/Acoustic). The band is brimming with showmanship and attitude with tight/strong vocals & harmonies. Herrick's live high energy performance translates seamlessly to the new album, "New Dance". The band has diverse influences like Ann Wilson (Heart), Ryan Adams, Audioslave, Dwight Yoakum, Merle Haggard, The Eagles, Emmylou Harris, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Maroon 5, Waylon Jennings, The Band, Evanescence and more... it's no wonder their music combines many elements from different musical styles into a new and unique blend. Fans label the band "A Breath of Fresh Air". Different is very intriguing, and Herrick has been winning fans and music insiders over with every show they play. Their innate instinct for creating high quality music has helped Herrick stand out from the crowd as they tour to standing room only crowds across the country. When Herrick take the stage you see them and the spell is complete. You see them where they truly belong - where they are meant to be. Donna's pioneering vocal, a kind of audible kiss, a blurted confession backed by a fierce mandolin. Jefferson's master guitar sounds, Kerry's legendary bass beats combined with his tight harmony blend. Zach's magnificent wash of drums and cymbals full of passion. All of this through a dizzying, hour-long crescendo until the final band hit.

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